09 February 2008


Well here we are once again at the library trying to download a book to my flash drive to see if I can then transport it to the house to put on my computer. It worked putting my book strait to the flash drive then downloading it to the home computer worked.

05 February 2008

play with dad

I am helping my dad find things he wants on the internet faster. So far all I know about is the plus sign to plug in after the keyword. I got to work at 1130 yesterday, and started right after geting there. So I got off at 2000 and injoyed my time with the wife. I got done cleaning the lunch room at 1730 and started on the gym. All I did was clean the bathroom and take out the trash. The little boss made me mad by making me clean up till 2000 ussually we start cleaning up at 2300 on the regular night. Well dad is interested in only guitars for sale, mostly used and acoustic.

04 February 2008


Well I get to go to work a little early today. The person that takes care of the lunch room is out and the main boss called me to come in at 12:00-8:30 to clean up. I worked all day Saturday overtime and it was nice. I worked around all the cheerleaders and there moms. It was a fun day I did not do anything special just picked up the trash and moved a bunch of chairs. Their competition got over at 2:00 and it was rush and clean up. The little boss came in and helped me move the chairs and clean the gym, but I could have gotten the other custodial to help me clean up. It was put the lunch room back together then clean the classrooms they used and then up to the gym. So what if the chairs did not get moved on Saturday, we did not move the tables.