11 January 2011


Went to Disney on Saturday, first we went to Magic Kingdom and it was full. So we decided to go to Epcot which was also full. They had a fun run going on and it that was why everyone was there. The parking lots were full and we did not want to park in the far back. So we went to downtown Orlando and looked for the Disney store they have in two different outlet malls. We found one and finally got to the other outlet mall about an hour and half later. We never got to go into the second Disney store due to no parking people were parking on the grass. So we left that on and got back to Disney in about a half hour. We went to Epcot it was still full but we got to park up front walking distance to the park. I rode the Captain EO experience. It is an old Michael Jackson show, it was a good video if Michael was not in it. I also rode the Figment ride. Me and the wife like that ride then we did not want to walk around the world but we did any way. We wanted to eat at the outside restaurant at Mexico but the tables were all full, so we ate at the French sandwich shop. Then completed the circle. Got some stale popcorn from Canada, then came home.