04 November 2013


Well I just got back from my mom's house here are some pictures

05 July 2013

4th of July

We went to f-i-l house for the forth and had spare ribs and sausages and hamburgers. On the way home there were alot of fireworks going off. When we got home everyone was hungry and it was past their dinner time.

27 May 2013


       Thank you to all the veterans that have ever served in or have died for our country.

14 May 2013

Good Afternoon

       Hello out there in Internet world. So mother's day was Sunday and we went to two places. Gm-i-l and m-i-l. I also called my mom and she answered, it was different I usually get my dad and have to tell him happy mothers day. So what did all of you do for mother's day? Now it is Tuesday and I have to clean the house, and do the dishes, and vacume. The wife just went to school for the first day of the summer classes. She left me alone to do some house work. The weather is just so nice the temp is about 75 deg. I need to get started back on the mowing of the yard, but I need to get some oil for the lawnmower.

04 May 2013

Out to Dinner

       M-i-l, m-i-lc, the wife, and myself went to golden corral. The wife and m-i-l went to Hobby Lobby, while me and m-i-lc sat at the house and talked.

30 April 2013

Wisdom Teeth

       Well today I get my wisdom teeth on the left side of my mouth taken out. I had a infected tooth in the bottom one and the Dr said that I should get them taken out. I do not want them taken out. Well I canceled the appointment to get my wisdom teeth taken out.

29 April 2013


       Well it finally Sunday and I still have not mowed the grass, and it is 1011. Mom leaves on Tuesday and I have not done anything with her. I got my bifocals yesterday and it seems like the somehow messed up my prescription. The wife let Boxer out the other day and now he is crying to get out.

28 April 2013

The front yard

       Well all I have to mow is the front yard and the yard in front of the fence. I went to bed at 2100 and sleeped as well as could be, but I am still tired.

26 April 2013

Half the yard

       Well I got half the yard mowed yesterday and now I have to go though and pick up the sticks and pinecones.

25 April 2013

Mowing the grass

       Well today I have to mow the grass, and burn up some leaves and branches. However I am watching the news and waiting for it to end before I start. The sun is shining and it is beautiful outside the news is saying that the temp is 60 deg. I have to go the the yard and look for sticks that way I do not ruin the lawn mower. I am charging my ipod and putting more music on it.

22 April 2013

My family

       Well my mom came over yesterday, and she took me out to breakfast. She stayed for 2 hours and gave me 5 packs of smokes. I might make it until the 30th of the month when I get payed to get another carton of smokes. I have to mow the grass, but it rained last night however the grass is to wet to mow. I feel like going to the library today to catchup on my reading of the "Mother Earth News" that is like the best homesteading life magazine that I know.

Mom coming over today

       Well my mom is supposed to come over today, I do not know if she will or not. I got to do the litter boxes and take a shower, which I will do later. Right now I am watching the news. Well the news is over and "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" is on next.

21 April 2013


       Well my mother is coming over today and the house is clean. The house cats need to be on their best behavior, but I believe that they will not be. I talked to my mother and see wants to come over tomorrow. Which is fine for me, I think that she wants to make it an all day affair.We got a new Internet provider, but all we can do is 5gigs all month long. It is AT&T wireless. It is much faster then the phone line, which any thing would be faster. Now the phone company will get high-speed Internet out to my area, and we are stuck in a two year contract.

18 April 2013

Good morning

        Hello my fellow humans. So how have you been out there in Internet world?  Here we are on the 18th of April 2013. The world did not stop at the end of the Mayan calender. How interesting that is, why are we so worried that we are going to perish. We should rejoice in death, for that is when we would be with God and praising His name. Unless you are not going to heaven and think that you are going to hell. So the weather here is very good, and the grass is growing. Its time to start mowing once again.
        So how about the West Texas fertilizer plant exploding. They are saying that it is a crime scene. I hope that there was not that much death in the explosion, but it destroyed allot of homes and businesses.
       I got an infected tooth and had to go to the emergency room last night. Now I have an appointment with the dentist tomorrow, I hope that it is not a root canal that has to be done. Other then that I am doing fine and dandy like a bowl full of candy. The voices are at a with the voices today, and been seeing things today it all scares me. I just hope that I can drive myself to the dentist tomorrow. I am doing the dishes and trying top straiten up the house for my mother is coming on Saturday. I hope that I am fine by then. I took another pill like the docter said if I am having problems.

15 April 2013

Went to Birthday

        Yesterday was f-i-l birthday we gave him a $50 gift card. We also took him to the movies and we saw "42" it was a good movie. Then we went back to his house to eat Mexican food. We also played the card game called golf. I got a little nervous while out, but it was not so bad the movie theater was not that full. Then today is one of my grandma's birthday. I am doing the dishes while I watch the news. It is 80 deg outside right now. The forcasted high is 86 deg it seems like we did not get a spring it was cold last month then hot this month.
       We need to pray for those that got bombed at the Boston Marathon. It seems that when we start to let our guard down something happens like thit. All this seems like it belongs to a teariest group, but no one has claimed the bombing. Makes me so mad when somthing like this happens.

13 April 2013

Hello ou ther in internet world

Well tomorrow is f-i-l birthday and we are taking him to the movies. I find myself watching Investigating Discovery channel more and more every day. I wonder if they will stop making new stories of old episodes. Right now I am washing clothes and doing the dishes. I have to clean the house so I can invite my mother over to a clean house. I still have to mow the grass but it is starting to get hot outside. I started a fire about a month ago and it burned a little of my grass but now I can not see where it happend. I have to start another but there has not been much rain and I am afraid to start another because of it. All it is are leaves and if the winds start up then it could burn down the house. Right now there is very little rain and I could start it but I need to sit and watch it so it does not burn the yard down and make it to the house. I find that ID repeats all their epesodes over and over again that way you can watch the same eposodes if you missed something in the same one.

12 April 2013


Well I am now 40 years old. I do not feel that old. Sometimes I feel like I am just 20 but other times I feel like I am 40. I have arthritis in my ankles and that is what makes me feel like I am 40. I am still knitting, I am doing socks from the toe up, and I am crocheting a king size blanket. I stopped talking top my family a couple of years ago, but I started to talk to them again this year. My mental problems are still bothering me I see things that are not there, the voices sing to me all the time.

04 April 2013


Well I know that it has been a long time since my last post but I have not had much to say. Right now I am working on socks and a blanket for myself. Went over to m-i-l house for easter dinner.Nothing much has been going on in my life, so how has your life been? The cats are doing fine and I lost my dogs to old age.