19 July 2019


Well I finally did it, got Cheryl so mad that she bought me a reel mower to mow my 1.4 acre lot. I wonder how long it will take to mow my grass. She got feed up with the broken mower every three weeks this time the engine had to be replaced. I have had this curse put on me so that I am not able to keep a lawnmower running. When I was a kid I would break the lawnmower every time I touched it. If t did not break when first touch then it would fall apart while mowing. Had one that I was almost done with the yard and the handle broke off, and then rolled back at me. Thank the Lord that it stopped running at the same time. My parents got tired of buying a new mower every week so they also bout a reel mower for me. Did not break that one, it worked up to the time we left the house. Well the yard is too tall for the mower, but I just got off the phone with the repair shop and they will be delivering the riding mower tonight. Hopefully before the sun sets and it rains so I can mow the grass that is knee high

14 July 2019

Life and projects

Well I have been seeing things and worried about people following me. I swear that there are people in sitting in the trees that are waiting for me to get alone so they can kill me. I have been afraid to go out and do thing because of it Cheryl keeps telling me no one wants to kill me but  Can not stop thinking that is not true. The other thing is that the voices keep telling me that no one likes me so I should kill myself, and the saying to anyone that will listen that I should be killed. I do not think anyone is listing to them. I keep thinking that people can hear them but Cheryl keeps trying to convince me that no one can hear them except me, but I can not seem to think that is true.

So I am making a pair of socks for two people at my club and I also have to make a pair of boot cuffs. I have known since last Christmas but there are times that I do not feel like doing anything but veg out and do nothing. I have some projects to do for m-i-l and s-i-l. I have their project that I have not been wanting to do I think that I am done doing projects for veryone and just doing what I want to do.

So I have been neglecting my things that need to get done for the week but I am going to do it today and try to get it done I have to try and do a little every day.