12 November 2008

My first baby quilt

Well here is my first try at sewing I still need to get some batting a border and a back to it. Once that is all done then it might be a dog blanket, or that was what the wife said I should do. Well some how Ginger pulled her stake from the ground and then lost it some where and then got off of the chain. We have not found any of it. Angel is doing well and the cats are fine. The bunny is driving me crazy. She seems to think that there is a shortage of bunny food so she jumps to be feed every time someone walks into the bedroom. So what do you all think of my blanket. should I make it into a dog blanket? Ginger would not care what it looked like, and if I gave it to Angel she would eat it. I did happen to notice that Ginger is a good opossum dog she got the same opossum twice tonight. Once when she got outside the door and once when it woke back up from playing opossum and tried to make it up the tree before Ginger could get it.