21 December 2008

Tis the Season

Well hello everyone how are we on this bright beautiful day in Florida? I finally listened to all of a book by Kathy Reichs it was called bones to ashes. I found it to be a very good book and liked it but i also find that it was a bit slow in the beginning. But it gave me some hope for some of her other books and am going to check out some more. I will right about them later. i got this email from my real dad the other day it is nice to know that he is doing good. an email is good news unless he states the bad news. I talked to mom today and she is doing good. She was making banana nut bread.

I told her that I would call her later when I got done with all my running. We are at the library right now. I need to go back to the audio books to find some more books on CD. I started my Christmas break on Friday. And I am looking forward to all 14 days of it no work shoes. Sandals and flip flops the Christmas break. I can get a lot of thing knitted up and crochet for next christmas. I finally got thew knitted scarf done for my wife and just have to put on the fringe on.

I have forgotten how to tat so I have to find some derictions to do it again.

07 December 2008

tis the season

Well it is the season for the Christmas, Hanuka, and Kwanzaa, so happy whatever your believe in. I want to celebrate them all so I do not leave any of them out, that includes the old gods festivals. That way I get more presents. I am a pig that wants everything.
This is my present wish list: Civilization IV Colonization, Celtic Kings, Civilization IV , Crusader Kings, Clover Double Point knitting needles #7, Clover Double Point knitting needles #6, Clover Double Point knitting needles #5, Clover Double Point knitting needles #3, Cast Iron Dutch Oven 20qt, Cast Iron 10 ½ in Skillet, Bank Sinker Mold, Fly Tying Kits, Thermal Underwear, Battery Operated DTV, Muppet's Show Season 3, Steripen Water purifier, -40 sleeping bag, +20 sleeping bag, 2 man tent, Hennessy Hammock Expedition a-sym hammock, Backpack that fits 85 liters and has a compartment for sleeping bag, Chuckwagon Diner cook book for campfires, A Muppet Wizard of Oz, A Muppet Christmas Carol, A Muppet Treasure Island, Muppet's from Space, The Christmas Toy Movie, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal. The only things that I give are items that I make, and the wife gets things that they really want.

28 November 2008

Happy thanksgiving

So how are you all on this black Friday. Hope everyone got what they wanted to get on this day. Well happy thanksgiving to you all sorry its a little late but went to m-i-l house and had to much to eat. We had meat balls, Pasta salad, Kidney bean salad, Sliced ham, turkey, and garlic baloney. We also had chicken salad, Asian Cole slaw, deviled eggs and potatoes salad, veg's and chips and dip. The dip my s-i-l- brought and the spinach dip tasted horrible. She got it from target. But other than that I had a good time. I did not go out any where yesterday and today.

22 November 2008

My sewing center

Well here it is my sewing center. I still have not gotten any of the things that I need for the dog blanket. I have 2 blocks out of 9 sewn together. Well my grandma is doing good after her heart stint. She finally called me to tell me that one of grandpa's sisters in West Virgina is not doing so good, and that she will be out of town for 2 weeks. I hope that everything turns out OK. It would be nice to see that side of the family again. The last time I was in Oklahoma was after tec school. right before I went to mind rot (Minot) North Dakota. Well me and the wife have exchanged gifts already. I am getting her a Nintendo DES. She gave me a wireless head set and camp ax with a good hunting knife, some knitting and crochet books, and a bunch of Disney shirts.

I have too figure out how the head set works. It is a FM scanning radio also. which drives me nuts do to the fact that it scans the FM if there is nothing going on on the device that is plugged into it. So it is driving me crazy, and I want to throw it against the wall. but it would not feel any pain so why bother. Now I want to throw the computer for not doing what I want.I am trying to add songs to it from my CD collocation and it does not want to do it. Well I am at the library and I am very bored. I need something to do and I have yet to figure out my stupid computer. I need a new bolt for one of the table legs for the dinning table. So I ran out to get it. The wife is shopping with Lourdes which gets her out of the house. So I ran to Lowe's and then to Joann then came here. I need to get more stuff for my sewing center. I asked about the little sewing machine that I have (style* elements) and they had no clue that there was such a thing. Today I asked if they carried some knitters graph paper, and the lady looked at me like I was crazy, like there is such a thing(i am sure she was thinking). It was the same lady that I had asked about my sewing machine a week ago. my wife says that the people that work at these places are stupid about the product and that I should not even bother them.

I really need that knitters graph paper I have this plan for dad's Christmas present for next year. The present will need to be drawn out before I try to make it. then It would be nice to have some 4:1 graph paper to do some quilting with but I decided not to even ask for it because the lady would not know what it was. 4 squares to the inch for those that was wondering. It is driving me crazy not having that which I need. I like to sew and knit and crochet. so you might be asking what is next on my agenda but I can not think of any thing else that might interest me. I want to go hunting.

The wife would cry and cry if I was to kill any thing. Its bad enough that I have to release the fish I catch. I also play magic the gathering on occasion. I still have to cut up my fire wood out in the yard, and get it put up to burn. Got home at the same time as the wife and we went out together to Michael's where I found some Glow-in-the-Dark white yarn. I am going to make a hat for myself out of it. This way It will never be lost anyone can find it. Well I figured out the stupid computer it just can not find some of my Cd's that I want to copy to it so I can put them on my MP3 player.

12 November 2008

My first baby quilt

Well here is my first try at sewing I still need to get some batting a border and a back to it. Once that is all done then it might be a dog blanket, or that was what the wife said I should do. Well some how Ginger pulled her stake from the ground and then lost it some where and then got off of the chain. We have not found any of it. Angel is doing well and the cats are fine. The bunny is driving me crazy. She seems to think that there is a shortage of bunny food so she jumps to be feed every time someone walks into the bedroom. So what do you all think of my blanket. should I make it into a dog blanket? Ginger would not care what it looked like, and if I gave it to Angel she would eat it. I did happen to notice that Ginger is a good opossum dog she got the same opossum twice tonight. Once when she got outside the door and once when it woke back up from playing opossum and tried to make it up the tree before Ginger could get it.

12 October 2008

well well well

Hello all us freaky people in here. Well tomorrow is Mickey's not so Scary Halloween party. So I will be gone from 4 pm to 2 am.
Well Mickey's not so Scary Halloween Party was boring they are taking more stuff away and not putting anything into it, and the price keeps going up. So me and the wife have decided to not go for the next few years.
I went fishing yesterday and nothing was bitting. I gave up after a hour and a half, went to Withlacoochee river to fish. Then went out and burned up some yard trash.

05 October 2008


Well it is GM-I-L birthday, and we all had a good time visiting with everyone. We gave her a potted mums plant. Which gives me a chance to download some books, and look up some knitting patterns. It is my GM-I-L 90th birthday. So I brought along some knitting and worked on it.

03 October 2008

Making a Cardigan

Long Cardigan
Out of Knit.1 Spring 2005

Sized for small (Medium, Large).
Bust (closed) 47 (50, 54)”/ 119 (127, 137) cm
Length 38 ½ (39, 39 ½)”/ 98 (99,100) cm
Upper Arm 16(17, 17 ½)”/ 40.5 (43, 44.5) cm

The Gauge
13 sts and 20 rows to 4”/10cm over St st using size 10(6mm) needles.

Make the Back
Cast on 77(82, 87) sts. Row 1 (RS) k2,*p3,k2; rep from* to end. Cont in k2, p3 rib for 4”/10cm. Then, cont in St st until piece measures 31 ½”/80cm from beg.

Shape the Armhole
Bind off 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Dec1 st each side every other row 4 times, every4th row4-times53(58, 63 sts. Work even until armhole measures 6 ¼ (6 ¾, 7 ¼ )”/16 (17, 19) sts each side for shoulders.

Shape the neck
Next row (RS) Work 18 (20, 22) sts join 2nd ball of yarn and bind off center 17 (18, 19) sts, work to end. Working both sides at once , bind off 3 sts from each neck edge once. When armhole measures 7 (7 ½, 8)”/18(19, 20.5)cm, bind off rem 15 (17, 19 sts each side for shoulders.

Make the Left Front
Cast on 33 (36, 38) sts. Row 1 (RS) k3, *p3, k2; rep from * end p0(3,0). Cont in k2, p3 rib for 4”/10cm. Then cont inSTst until piece measures 16”/40cm from beg.

So this is what I am making, along with 2 blankets a scarf and tea towel toppers. I am also listening to "The Door to December." By dean Koontz

28 September 2008

Gone Fishing

I went fishing yesterday evening and nothing was biting anything but the floater. A lot of minnows were out in the water I saw three turtle heads and one fish jump out of the water. The only thing I took with me was some grubs. I could not find any big worms in the yard, and I forgot about my gizzards in the frezzer. I was meeting a friend there to give him some tickets to the Bucs game for today. I need to fish more often then I do becuase it is soothing to the mind.

20 September 2008


Well I worked the overtime. I should of gone to the game tonight. I was very bored at work I did not listen to my book. I did not get to watch the talent show. They did not broadcast it over the TV. So I am listening to "Dark Tower VII" the last book of the dark tower series. I find the book very sad. I would like to own the books.


So I am working overtime tonight and I left my keys at work last night. So I had to call the boss and tell him what I had done, which he said that the PAC would be open for me and he would come in later and get me my keys. The week at work was went very fast. I am very glad that it is over, the nice thing is that tonight is overtime if I did not need the money I would be at the magic game, spending money that we do not have. Well there are 3 weeks left until I am on vacation. I have still not gone on a diet. I need to lose at least 50 pounds. My grandma in Oklahoma does not celebrate Halloween but she wants pictures of me and the wife at "Mickey's not so Scary Halloween Party".

14 September 2008


Well I really need to go back on a diet I just weighted myself and I think I just broke the scale.

Because it said that I weighted 214, but I know that I weight more then that. You can see it on my belly. Well Grandma Willa did not get anything from that storm Ike. But it looks like my mom will get some from it. The cold front that is moving though the plains has hooked up with Ike, and is making it miserable for the Ohio river valley. Went to the movies with the wife last night and saw "Forever Knight" that was a very good movie. Then we went to the Mongolain Grill. I had cute and cudly sheep for dinner. Ran into the bookstore and looked around, but did not find any books of interest. Well I am almost finished with my dad's (Chuck) socks (i found the pattern online @ http://www.redcross.org/museum/exhibits/knits.asp ) My baby sister's blanket is almost done, that one is just side to side single crochet. I have so many projects going on I am not sure which one too do.

10 September 2008

Magic Night

Well this time magic night is on the 20th this month hopefully it is not cancelled. The wife is going to this scrapbook thing and then thinking of bingo. Which if I go to magic then its a win win situation. I am push mowing my yard and hate that I broke the mower belt to the blades. The grass is knee high again and the push mower has a bag, which I do not have. The grass is so high that I have to tie open the part that falls down and covers the hole. Once the grass gets to a manageable state I can put the flap back down and it will be a mulching mower. The wife made a good point the other day when she asked me if there was a TV that will work after 17th February 2009. All I could find at a reasonable rate was the Coby &" Color Battery powered flatscreen LCD TV with AC & DC adapter for 114.95. I need one due to the fact that hurricane season is supposed to be in the abundant hurricanes cycle for the next 17 years.

23 August 2008


Well I am at the library and fixing to look up some patterns to try and fill up my cd that I am making of knit and crochet patterns. I might look up some patterns for making quilts. Well I found some and there are not that much on www.freepatterns.com/ there are some nice things in the knitting and crochet part of it put not much in the quilting. I even looked in the beading section and found much more then quilting. I want to start hand quilting but my wife is fighting me tooth and nail.

Hospital and Dad

So my step-father went into the hospital last night. He is one of those people who has a forever yard sale, and someone tried to steal one of his guitars. So he runs after the man and jumps on the car and goes down the road aways and then falls off. He broke his collar bone and has road rash real bad. I think he as been watching to much cop shows and he to old to be doing that stuff. Well he at home now, and he has a chip out of his spine. His arm is in a sling.
So Tropical Storm Fay is still being a pain we are getting rain and storms as far south as Tampa, the sun makes a peek around the the clouds and then another storm moves though. The electricity went out yesterday and the phone came back on with out seeing a repair man. I think that I am going to have to rerun the phone wires around the house. I would love to build my own home but I am to lazy for that. So everyone thinks. If I was to do it it would have to be in stages. like one room at a time. The biggest thing is that it takes money to do things like that and we have none. We do not even have the money for me to go see my parents. If I was to do it, it would not bee anytime soon, and be payed for by the time I was done.

19 August 2008

Hurricane Update

Well here it is Tuesday I am off of work due to the hurricane and thanking god that it is not going to hit us. The wife got some batteries for me. We have water and food, but it is not can or dry food. I found some 72 hour food packs that I would not mind getting, for just in case of problems with whatever. The wife keeps smoking so I keep smoking. This time the reason was because of the hurricane. I found all kind of things that I would like to get for camping and emergency. but it costs money to get and we are broke. The wife has been using coupons for just about everything. And I have yet to see any of them on sale or have a coupon for them. I would love to get a propane gas stick that hooks up to a big tank and you can then hook up a gas grill and a light with other things. I need some cast iron pots and pans to cook on the grill. The hurricane is now southeast of us and the cone of probably has my county in it and I really do not think that it will hit us.

Well I just looked at http://media.myfoxtampabay.com/myfoxhurricane/ for the latest update and there is another wave out there in the Atlantic. The spaghetti model is headed to the Caribbean sea. I hope that this one fizzles out in the Atlantic. I do not want to see another horrible natural disaster.

17 August 2008


Well I have gained all my weight back and have been bad on my smoking. I have no will power. I have yet to play with my magic cards today. Had to run to the store and get some stuff and none of it was for Hurricane Fay. I need to go back on the diet and lose 50 pounds.

16 August 2008

School starts on Monday

Well schools starts on Monday and I go back to night shift. So I will be able to start fishing again and doing other stuff during the day. Recorded books is being slow today to come up and I would like to download some books to listen to at work. The library closes today at 6 pm and I have to pick up a pizza at 5:45 tonight for dinner. I need to download the rest of the dark tower books. and several other books that way when the library decides to make all people from out of county pay to use the library then I will not need that website.
Got home last night without my last book to the "Gunslinger". So will have to go back to the library to get it. My flash drive got full and I thought it could hold 5 books on tape. So at least I have 10 books to listen to. Counting the one of the two I downloaded at the beginning of the summer. so here is a list of the books I need to listen to in 21 days.
" Betrayal of the Mountain Man", "Destiny of the Mountian Man", and "Matt Jensen: The Last Mountain Man" written by William Johnstone.
"Breathing Method", "Wolves of Calla", "Song of Sussanah", and always a good one to listen too "The Shinning" by Stephen King.
"The Door to December" by Dean Koontz.
"Within the Shadows" by Brandon Massey.
"The Mists of Avalon: Prisoner in the Oak" by Marion Zimmer Bradley.
Game night was last night but it got cancelled do to not enough people. So I have another month to go though my magic cards and put them in a binder.There is a hurricane under Cuba and it looks like it is coming toward the Tampa Bay area. I got the water ready and am putting up some tarps So the rain will not leak in the house (that I think will not help us). I need to go out and get some battery's and other stuff for to be ready for the hurricane. I really need a generator. Made sure that the propane grill still works. I also need to get some gas for the cars and two gas stoves that I have. The school that I work at is a shelter so I do not know if I will have to work during the storm.

20 July 2008

As of July

Well here we are in July and i have only mowed the grass once. got around the front yard once and rained out then ran out of gas. that was last weekend then this weekend i got some gas but the battery is dead. the wife is going to kill me. still not smoking and feeling good. although i am still sleeping an awful lot. worked this past friday and sat for some time off later this month, and the office looks good. i hate summer

08 July 2008


well i am at the library might not have all that much time the fire alarm got zapped by lightning. which is going off and driving my wife nuts, so might have to quit soon. But anyway I have not smoked yet which i am so proud of. so no downloading any books. I found the last 3 books of the dark tower on my favorite downloading station.

04 July 2008

quit smoking

Well I quit smoking on the 28th of June and doing good right now. I am chewing nicorette gum, and it seems to be working out for me. Going to m-i-l for the 4th of July celebration. I will be around a bunch of smokers and I must resist the urge to smoke. Well happy 4th of July. My independence day is going good. I do not have much to do on this beautiful day off. So what is on everyones egenda for this weekend? We are going to a craft fair tomorrow and sunday we have to go to bed early to get up before the sun to get everyone feed and watered. I have to be at work early in the morning. But next weekend I might go to my sisters house to have supper with her.

31 May 2008

Back at the library

Well I downloaded 2 books yesterday. I have not gone fishing for a long while, and the house and garden have yet to be done. I have been Listening to the "Mists of Avalon", and I am on book 3 so I downloaded book 3 with 4. I have not been fishing do to no funds, and it looks like I am not going to have the funds this pay period either. So We came to the library yesterday to do our library stuff and found out, starting today, that we are not aloud to check out more then 50 items. 20 of them can be cd's or dvds or a mix of them. Which means that we can not get 10 books on cd and 10 music cd's. I was supposed to be in the yard cleaning up but I do not have a 18" chainsaw. But we saw on the paper yesterday that the library is giving away a free Wii today so we came here to get the free Wii we had to be here from 2-4 I have been so into the game Galactic Civilization Ultimate Edition: the Alterion Prophecy. So I am going to download some more books. I just found two books that sound good but they are in the western genre. well I have 25 more minutes on the computer so will start rapping it up to go home. more later.

17 May 2008

Tonight is Magic Night

Went fishing this morning did not catch anything, although I did get a bite. So I went out again this afternoon and I got a bowfish, two small perch at the Withlacoochee river and these two spanish speaking fellows gave me some catfish. Then I went to work pond and tried it out at six and nothing started to bite until seven. and there I got two small perch and two catfish. I tried to fish the pond behind the library (which will be known as library pond), but the grass grows all over the shore. I am still feeling under the weather but at least I am not sneezing right now. The guys emailed and thought they had enough to draft tonight I really hate feeling sick. I have to mow the yard tomorrow so might not get to go fishing. Will see how it goes tomorrow. Would not mind trying them perch again, if there are small ones then there have to be bigger ones.

The river cats smelled awful bad so I threw them away, and the two pond ones got butchered real bad so looked up how to fillet a fish and found a good web sight, now I am trying to find one on how to fly fish. This is the biggist one I was able to get, maybe 2 pounds.

15 May 2008

Yesterdays luck

Well I did not catch anything and was asked what the biggest fish I had got out of work pond. Which is nothing yet. I do not think you people wished me luck like you were supposed to. One day I am going to fish work pond at dusk with a fly and then I should get something. I see something hitting the top of the water at dusk and I think that what ever it is must be eating the bugs that lay eggs in water. I got a game this Saturday but think I am coming down with a cold, so I might not get to go. I would hate that but I do not want to be the cause of their baby's sickness. See how I feel tomorrow.
If I am coming down with something I will see if our other friend's son still likes to fish and take him somewhere. there is suppose to be a fishing hole in Brandon that is for us poor anglers that can not get to the major fishing holes that everyone and their brother seem to be going to. Will look it up on line, well just got back from looking up fishing sights in Brandon and there is none. I need a map of Hillsbough county to find any fishing holes.

14 May 2008


Well I got my fishing licence on the 5th of May and have been out fishing a few times. Mostly at the pond at work (which will be known as work pond from now on) and the Withlacoochee river. I have yet to catch anything, The wife would like to see me catch and release. But if it is something I want to eat then I will keep it. The people I work with say that they would not eat the fish from work pond, but I do not see a problem with them. The regulations on how we can kill the bugs and weeds on school property are real strick. So I do not see a problem with work pond. Besides a gator lives in the water and it is connected to a swamp behind the school. The boss said that I was aloud to fish work pond on my own time. So that means anytime I am not working which includes breaks, but The wife is right, I should not do it on work breaks or it might cost me my job.
I would love to catch anything out of anywhere I go. Wish me luck because i am fishing work pond today.

20 April 2008


I found out that my 47 year old uncle Bobby on my dads side died on Thursday while I was at work. It was natural causes that did him in and I know that I will sure miss him. He was an inspiration to us all. In his younger days he was an alcoholic and He was sober for a very long time and Though his wife's death he stayed sober. He never had any kids of his own that anyone in the family knows of, and that out of his two step sons that one turned out nice and well mannered and the other is a real shit head. I had spent a couple of months with him and his wife when I was 11 or so and had a fun time. That's where I learned to shoot a 12 gauge shot gun. My real father bought me the shot gun and me and my uncle and father went out and target practiced with it before my father got stationed in Germany.

I did not get to see him before he died and now that he has passed to a better place I know that I will miss him. I had asked my father when he was coming back to the states and he like the rest of the family is broke and will not be able to see his brother's funeral. Even if he and Janny(my step mom) could come to the funeral I could not go do to the lack of funds. I was hoping that for christmas or new years I would get up that way to see everyone in the family. But alas I have lost a very good uncle in between now and when I get up there.

13 April 2008

dinner with f-i-l

Well had dinner with f-i-l, and played some cards. S-i-l came over and we all gave him some socks and a shirt and 2 pairs of shorts. He got me $100 gift card to Lowe's. I do not know what I want from Lowe's yet. Do I get a chainsaw or lumber to fix the floor, (or the roof of the porch). Do I get some stuff to clean the yard, do I get a cart for the lawn mower. What to do ooh what to do. I would love a chainsaw to continue cutting up logs for my little outdoor fir pit, but I need a cart to pull around behind my lawn mower. I need something that I can put things into so I can move it from one side of the yard to the other.
I think he had a good time with us and liked dinner. We had cranberry pork roast, cauliflower, and cooked carrots, potatos, yams, mushrooms, onion mixed together with seasonings with some Texas toast.

12 April 2008

spring break

Well spring break is over and I did real bad on the diet this week. and I have to eat dinner with f-i-l tomorrow. I worked out in the yard both Wednesday and Thursday and last night my sister came over to visit. She got back from Puerto Rico on Monday and she had all kind of pictures for us to see. I have yet to put in my garden and grow anything. I would like to grow some lettuce for my pet rabbit. but I am afraid the goats would get into the garden and eat it all before it started to grow. every time I look outside they are either stuck in the fence or in the yard.
I would like to eat one of them goats but the wife looks at me funny every time I mention eating anything that does not come from a store. I have to make a run for my dogs before I can make a fence for my garden. I just started to download a book to my flash drive. I need to look up some patterns for knitting and crochet.

08 April 2008

Happy birthday to me

Well yesterday was my birthday. Today we are having my birthday dinner at my m-i-l. I do not know how i am going to keep up with my diet at all this week. With dinner at m-i-l and the wife cooking up a big meal for me and her dad (who's birthday is on the 14th) on Sunday. My sister coming over on Friday for dinner, and being off all week.

05 April 2008

Hello out there

Well i am at the library once again and wanting to look at patterns. I am giving up on the books, downloaded from the Internet until I have exhausted all the books on CD that I want to listen to. Well how is everyone doing out there. Me and mine are fine, I am on spring break now. No work for me for a whole week. the wife has like all kind of things for me to do on my days off and I am going to have to do the rain dance to keep from doing any work outside. All I really want to do is finish all the projects that I have up the tree.
So far I have three booties for dad to sell and one on the needles. I have the back to a sweater, a blanket, a shawl, and making a towel. I like how the towel is turning out but alas I spilled coffee on it last night so will have to use it when finished with it. I think every time i try a different stitch pattern I am going to make a towel. So that way I get to see how it would look before I make the project.
The diet is going OK, I have lost 6.8 pounds so far, down from 231.6. Everyone says that is a good thing losing weight like that, slowly so your skin has a time to go back into shape. I wish there was a swimming pool around me close that way I could exercise to help me lose weight, I would probably lose even faster. I do not know if that would be a good thing.
The wife is getting all of her pictures done from Disney and putting them in the living room. She is putting up some old puzzles too and some new ones as well.

29 March 2008

Any one out there

Hello is anyone paying attention to me? So how are you freeky people doing, I am fine. I had to take back Goerge's book but I got book four of the gunslinger. The diet got busted for easter but I have been under my points all week except last night. So far I have lost 3 pounds. All though I have started smoking again with the wife, so traded on thing for the other. I fell weird tonight real happy.

14 March 2008

Rambling on and on

Well here it is the middle of March and I have not posted since Monday. I am working on my friend’s blanket that I hope he keeps but does not madder if he does or not. The game is on Saturday. I have all kinds of decks built for this match I hope that one of them will win me some points. Still listening to “The Waste Lands the Dark Tower III” by Stephen King, then I have a week to listen to George RR Martin’s book “A Clash of Kings”, and it is 31 discs.
Well the diet is ok I find that I am hungry all the time and I have cheated twice I had caramel on Monday the first day and then on Wednesday I ate a piece of angle food cake. So I have been very bad. On this diet and I am trying to be good but when I get hungry I do not think about the consequences. I find that I need more batteries to listen to my book on disc but I do not have that many. I also found out that my lights need non-rechargeable batteries. So I need to go out and get some non-rechargeable batteries.

10 March 2008


I hate it when i have to read a book that i started to listen to. the "Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire" mystery book I am on the sencond book and the listeniong is on book three. I have to get the book from the library and read it. Well today is the first day of my weight watchers diet. I weight 231.6, and need to weight about 190.

23 February 2008

M-I-L's house

Well I am at my m-i-l’s house and downloading books to my flash drive. The real reason I came over was to get my oil changed and find out what the noise was that the car was making. The moon roof plastic guard was off and unscrewing itself from the car. So my m-i-l’s companion screwed the moon roof back together, and is now changing the oil. The monthly card game is tonight at 1800 and at Bryon’s new house. I was making a blanket for his new house and I got into that new game and did not finish the blanket.

17 February 2008


Well there has been nothing of note to write about so that is why it is so quite. I am at the library once again had to pick up some books and take some back. So I am reading Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire mystery books (well listening to them). I got this new game from the wife that I have yet to stop playing for simplely being tired of it. It is the ultimate game of exploration of the universe. I have yet to make it very far, I run out of money pretty quick.

09 February 2008


Well here we are once again at the library trying to download a book to my flash drive to see if I can then transport it to the house to put on my computer. It worked putting my book strait to the flash drive then downloading it to the home computer worked.

05 February 2008

play with dad

I am helping my dad find things he wants on the internet faster. So far all I know about is the plus sign to plug in after the keyword. I got to work at 1130 yesterday, and started right after geting there. So I got off at 2000 and injoyed my time with the wife. I got done cleaning the lunch room at 1730 and started on the gym. All I did was clean the bathroom and take out the trash. The little boss made me mad by making me clean up till 2000 ussually we start cleaning up at 2300 on the regular night. Well dad is interested in only guitars for sale, mostly used and acoustic.

04 February 2008


Well I get to go to work a little early today. The person that takes care of the lunch room is out and the main boss called me to come in at 12:00-8:30 to clean up. I worked all day Saturday overtime and it was nice. I worked around all the cheerleaders and there moms. It was a fun day I did not do anything special just picked up the trash and moved a bunch of chairs. Their competition got over at 2:00 and it was rush and clean up. The little boss came in and helped me move the chairs and clean the gym, but I could have gotten the other custodial to help me clean up. It was put the lunch room back together then clean the classrooms they used and then up to the gym. So what if the chairs did not get moved on Saturday, we did not move the tables.

01 February 2008

Fun Time

Well that blanket story is that the one who was making it had to go to a nursing home so and I do not have to return it to them. I hope that I never get old enough to be put in a home. I do not plan on having any kids so I think that there will be no one to put me there. If it comes down to putting someone in my-i-l or family i think I would take care of them first. That way I am not feeling funny about seeing them in the home or about feeling sorry for them when I do see them. I would worry about how they are being cared for, because of the ads for the lawyers that are always advertising that nursing home abuse.
I got some tea towels to put toppers on 4 from Big Lots which have Cats, green tea, olive oil, and flowers. M-i-l gave the wife 3 of Disney pictures 2 of the pixie Tinker Bell, and 1 with Minnie and Mickey. So now I have 2 blankets, pot holder, shawl, sweater, and 7 tea towels to do. I have not started to make any more footies, although I should start again here soon.

29 January 2008

free stuff

Well one of the teachers at school gave me someone else project to finish so now I have another blanket to finish. I thought that was nice of her to think of me when she got the present to give away. I would like to know the story behind the blanket, like who were they making it for and why they had stopped. It is pretty much done all I have to do is sew it together. I wonder if she wants it back, I think I will find out in the afternoon tomorrow.

28 January 2008


Well I went to the doctors today for a 1000 am appointment, but I was real early for the 1430 appointment. I could have sworn that it was at 1000, when i got home the paper with my appointment was at 1430. The clerk told me that it was at really 1430. So I called my boss and told him that it was at 1430 and that I would be late and he asked me if I wanted to make it up. I told him that I would like that. So tomorrow I will be going to work early.
The Doctor did change my medicine but not to much I take 1 less pill now. I got to work at 1600 and now have to make up 1 hour. So tomorro I am going in at 1400.

27 January 2008


So today I went to the library to find some more books to download, but I only have two spaces available to me. but on the other site I have 6 books that I can download but I forgot about that one and left my mp3 and flash drive at home. So there for I can not download. I will try to at home tonight. I have that book available to me and I can always send stuff to myself.


Well yesterday I got some over-time. They held a wrestling tournament in the gym and the bosses asked me if I wanted to do it. When I asked the wife if there was anything going on the next two weekends she said to do it anyway. Wrestling was still going on when I left. I wish they would let us stay until the program that's going on is over. Just give us time off for whatever went over the time allotted. That way we could get things cleaned up after the games or shows, because I have yet to see a show or game end on time. So the finals of the game started after I left at 530pm. I got there at 830 am thinking that I was going to be late but I was not supposed to be there until 900 am. I only got one room auto scrubbed then burnished do to the fact that I was needed at the gym every time I turned around. So I told them to leave the garbage inside so the dogs, cats, foxes, and other animals that we do not know are eating from the garbage cans can not spread it out into the parking lot.
So after getting to bed at 1230 on Saturday morning and waking up Saturday morning at 630, I got real tired around 430. I did not go to bed until 1000 pm,because we went to the store after I got off of work. Wal-Mart was not crowded last night we got in then got out quick. When we got home I had left over dinner and some fat free double churn ice-cream. Which for fat free ice-cream it was good, almost like the real stuff.

25 January 2008


So here is the list of projects I am doing. Knitting a sweater, and a potholder and I finished the booties and need to start another set. Crochet a poncho and a blanket I think I might make the booties by crocheting them. My painting is still not done but I do not know what to put in it. I saw one of Bob Ross painting shows the other day. It was a dark painting, and I do know he is dead. He was painting some trees in it.

I am still reading "The path of Daggers" by Robert Jordan, and I am listening to "The Drawing of the Three, The Dark Tower II" by Stephen King. I have a book on hold at the library, that I was waiting for, "The Icebound Land" by John Flanagan. It's part of the Ranger's Apprentice series.

23 January 2008


Well it rained so hard here last night that the backyard tree has a pond around it, now all there is is just a puddle. Back in 2005 the tree always had standing water around it. The whole back yard was standing water. If you walked in the back yard your shoes would stick to the ground. Poor Ginger she had no high spot to get out of the water, but her dog house stayed dry. Angel's spot is on a high spot that way she can get out of the water, and her dog house keeps her dry. At least we have rain that we need, I wonder how Georgia and the other drought ridden southeastern states are doing on the water problem.
My plants are doing good and my bonsai trees have not come up yet I will get rid of it in February if it does not come up. Another cold front is coming through this week. I am going to bring Ginger in if it gets to cold. Angel's sweatshirt got soaked last night and I will have to put her other one on when the cold front moves though. I do not have any plants that I really have to worry about freezing so no covering them. Although the wife gets worried about the cats and leaves the front porch lights on all night for them (she believes it keeps them warm). I traded some pink grapefruit (which is what I have) for some white grapefruit. It was a good trade. I finally remembered to take the yarn that I was giving to the home-economics teacher, she said that they would scrapebook with it.

22 January 2008

Dr appointment

So I had to go to dermatology to get check for any new cancer cells. Trust me you do not want skin cancer on your face. They scar it up something awful, I have a nice scar under my right eye now and think it is cool. I was in the military (U.S. Air Force) and had medical problems that got me disabled. So I get to go to the veterans hospital to get checked up. It's nice there and I like the doctors.

21 January 2008

Knit & Crochet

Well I just got done watching a knitting and crochet show on PBS. Now I am listening to "The Dark Tower II" by Stephen King. I found that the first book was very good so I decided to listen to the series. I have decided to start knitting a sweater again, it is going slow, I have to read the pattern correctly before I can sew it together. It will be a Christmas present for a friend. I have a lot of slippers or booties to make for everyone and I got some new yarn last night, black, light grey, and dark grey worsted weight wool-ease. I am not sure what I am going to make out of it, I am thinking about a hat and gloves and a scarf. Who to give them to I do not know yet.
So I am knitting a sweater, booties, and a potholder, and crocheting a blanket. The booties are almost done so then I will have to start a new and a different pattern. Everyone I know wants some booties. I think I will use up my sock yarn on them.That way I can get rid of it, to replace it with something new. Well I am having a hard time with the knit 2, purl 3 rib. I have had to frog it 9 times to get it to line up right. The wife found the pattern for the sweater in one of my knitting magazines, and said that I should give it a try. The magazine is Knit.1 issue spring /summer2005 and it is pattern 22, for those of you that want to follow along. so the pattern in the book calls for a different yarn than the one I am using I tried to make the pattern before but it did not come out right the sleeve hole for the arm was not as big as the arm hole for the front and back of the sweater.

20 January 2008

Me and my yard waste

This is what happens when it is a digital camara, at night, and autofocus.

I wish that the camara was a better one then an autofocus that way I can get the picture the way I want it.

So this is me and my fire pit sorry the picture is a little fuzzy, but I do not know how to fix it. I was cutting up small limbs and twigs to throw on the fire. I found a worm eaten wooden box that I threw on the fire. other then that all that has been burned is tree limbs, pine needles, pine cones, and leaves.


Well I am at the library once again downloading some books. "The Last of the Mohicans" by James F. Cooper, "Peter Pan" by J.M. Barrie, "Hiedi" by Johanna Spyri, "The Holy Grail" by Sir Thomas Malory , "The Sea Wolf" by Jack London, this way I will have some books to listen to this week. When I left the library all I had on the mp3 player was "Peter Pan" and "The Sea Wolf". the rest of the books did not download properly. so i have to wait 21 days from today to recheck them out. I can get a new license to listen to them but the library computers clean out the system after they are turned off. The computer turns off everytime someone signs off. The nice thing about the website that I download from lets me check out 10 books for 21 days.

19 January 2008


Well here it is Saturday and I am to tired right now to where I do not want to go out and work in the yard. I went to the library and then to Hungry Howie's and got some hot subs. There was no books at the library that I was not interested in, so I left. There is this book by Dale Brown that every B-52 Crew Chief should read, a very good book, but I can not remember the name of it. I use to own it but we have cleaned up our book collection and all our other nick knack stuff and got rid of a lot of things. I did go out and burn a little of my yard waste.

18 January 2008


Well hello all you people. I am fine and dandy, how are you all? They moved my area from classrooms to the gym. which I did not like at first but when there are no one there it is not a problem to clean. But tonight there is a soccer game and a basketball game so I do not think that I will get to clean properly, but we will see.
Well I did not get to clean the gym or field house very well tonight. It needs to be vacuumed and mopped. I hope that soccer is finally done. That way I can clean the field house properly. I forgot to put out toilet paper to the bus drivers last night, and got told not to do it again. I got the boys locker room done and we are not aloud to be in the girls locker room until everyone is gone, because the visiting team holes up there. At least the weekend is finally here, and I am almost done with the three books that I downloaded. I am listening to "Kidnapped" and am almost done.
I will get to burn some more yard waist. Then I get to start to clean up my yard again. Maybe one of these days I will get done and have a nice vegetable garden started. I love gardening but I am a lazy slob and a procrastinator, so a lot of it does not get started or if started does not get taken care of. Talking of growing things my Bonsai tree has not started growing though the soil yet.I did find a pot to grow my peanuts so i am going to start those this weekend. I need to take care of my grapefruit and lime and Kumquat trees this weekend.
I love grapefruit and kumquats but I do not like limes but the wife does so that why we have them. I like tomatoes to but I can not grow them because the sun burns them up. We have a rabbit that I like to grow lettuce for. I keep trying to get my lovely wife to let me grow catnip, but she will not let me. I would like to grow that pet grass, but I want to grow it on a large scale (like 1.4 acres). So I will not do it, and might do a little bit of it.
I like to do a large scale of everything that I like doing, that is why I think I get so lazy and procrastinate on it. It gets to be to much for me. Well right now I am listening to "Kidnapped" and it is almost done. That way when we get to the library I can download some more books. I think that we are going on Sunday. I am still reading "The Path of Daggers" by Robert Jordan. I can not wait until it is finally done, that way I can go on with listening to his books.

15 January 2008

Yard work again

Well I am sitting here waiting for the sun to warm up the outside some so I can mow the grass. So I am going to stay awake this time to work out in the yard. I have to so I can do some yard work, I should do some of the dishes and laundry while I wait for the sun to shine and warm up the outside. So I am listening to "By the Light of the Moon" by Dean Koontz so far it is a good book, but what do you expect by Dean Koontz.
Well I saved this until tonight, where I can tell you about my day. I started out listening to the book, and fell asleep at the end of the first CD of the book. when the wife called me around 1100 this morning I was still groggy, and did not get up to go outside to work, so I fell asleep again. She called back around 1200 and that's when I got up and went to mow the grass. I was a little upset at my self for falling asleep. I almost finished mowing the front yard when I saw that the time was 145 in the afternoon. I have to be at work by 300, but I like getting there at 245. So I stopped and got ready for work. Left the house at 215 and got to work at 235 (I did not speed!) it usually takes 25 to 30 minutes to get there. I was running behind up until 845. When I took last break at 900 all I had to do was mop and clean the water fountains. And here we are up to this point doing nothing. Well it's bed time and I still have to shower so goodnight to you all.

14 January 2008

Work time again

Well here it is Monday and I slept all day again but it is cold and i love to sleep in it. A nice warm bed and cold outside make for a nice sleeping atmosphere. I was supposed to mow the grass so this spring it will not be at my knee when I finally mow. I got my mp3 player on and lunch waiting to go to work. I wish that I did not have to work like my parents but they are retired. It is kind of nice to work every once in a while, gets you out of the house and away from the missery of the house and yard work.

13 January 2008

Yard work

Well here it is Sunday, and i still have not had my second cup of coffee. Cheryl is telling me to get outside and start doing something in the yard. I will once my second cup is gone, I think I will mow today and maybe burn some more. I cut down a big branch yesterday and have to cut it into pieces, and all I have is a bow saw. I really need to get a chainsaw. Anyone want to give to the Nance fund please let me know.
Well it started to rain (I was thinking thank God until the wife said that I was going to help around the house). They are saying that it is a cold front moving though but it has not gotten any cooler yet. I did get the bricks that we put down 2 summers ago up. Maybe I will get them around my plot for the garden, or put them on the slab next to the house. I am starting to listen to "By the Light of the Moon" by Dean Koontz, read by Stephen Lang.

12 January 2008

Library time

So I have not posted for the past two days. I slept all day on Thursday and I had a doctor appointment that I missed, and Friday I was really busy up until work time. So how have all you people been. Me and Cheryl worked out in the yard today. I hate the yard it is to big for me. I think that I would like to live in an apartment, that way I would not have to work in the yard, but the only problem is that there are none out in the boondocks. Where there is hardly any crime.
I could not listen to the fire trucks, ambulance, police cars go by at all hours of the night and day. I visit my m-i-l (mother-in-law) 's house and it seems that the noise never stops. I like having the only noise before 10pm the neighbors 4x4 truck going down the road. After 10 everyone is burning a fire and getting drunk or stoned and there is not that much noise the occasional radio going on but that's not so load that you hear it in the house. When the dog barks you know there is a reason for it.
So anyway I downloaded "Stationary Bike" by Steven King, "The Mutiny on Board the HMS Bounty" by William Bligh, and "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson. That will give me something to listen to for the next week. I also picked up "The Great Hunt" by Robert Jordan. I can not wait until his final book comes out, (I hope who ever is writing for him does not screw things up). I am still reading "The Path of Daggers" by him and I finished "The Devil's Labyrinth" I just could not get into "The Grave Tattoo" so those two went back. I have yet to knit anything so I still have that blanket, footies, and potholder to do.

09 January 2008


So I listen to books on tape and CD. I like doing it because I get the chance to listen to them at work. I happen to have two bosses that let me listen to them off my mp3 player, or I listen to them on my CD player or tape player. I have to go to the library to download my books but it does not bother me to go there.

this web site one of my co-workers found and I saw some of the pictures, I found them funny and thought i would post it.


so i stopped working on my knitting and crocheting to read a book (yes actually read). I need to read "The Path of Daggers" by Robert Jordan. He has a series going that i found very good, but I can not bet this book on disc and the library will not let me borrow it from another county. So right now I am listing to "The Devil's Labyrinth" by John Saul, I find that it is a boring book (but I am on disc 8 so i am not going to just give up on it). Then I am going to listen to "The Grave Tattoo" by Val McDermid. The wife says that it is a very good book. I might do a little knitting after I get done with the blog and being on the Internet.

08 January 2008

friends and family

this is my sister's and her husband's blog


so how is everyone out there in Internet world? i am fine and doing much better now that i am back on nights. me and the animals are doing just fine. the wife is not doing to good she has a cold (poor Cheryl [my wife]). the only problem with working nights is that there is nothing on TV. oh before i forget to tell all you people again i do not know how to spell and i forget to capitalize my words. so if you have a problem blame the schools that i went to. I do not forget to capitalize my words when i am using pen or pencil. I never took typing and I might talk to one of the computer teachers to help me learn how to type. So I try to remember to capitalize and do the spell checker.

talking about spell checker io love that little function of the computer only problem is that all the words in the dicionary is not on the computer. i remember back to when i had to right my ramblings on paper and I could not do spell check. the only problem with this spell checker is that it does not capitalize my words , or it does not now the meaning of my statements so it does not do any of the cool things that word does for me.

07 January 2008


Well this was my first day back to work and I had to work during the day. All I did was vacuum up the media and the rug in the front office. I used the supper duper host machine. I hate using it do to the fact that you have to take out like 6 filters and wash them. All in all I had a good day. the worst part was getting up at 6am. The get going was hard, and I did not want to get up although the good side is that i did not fall asleep before going off to work. I imagine that I will be going to bed early tonight. I would like to get some done on my potholder before then. I did get some done on my footie while at work.

06 January 2008

Today Is my first day

So today is the last day of my vacation. being a janitor at a high school gives me most of the days that the students have off. But I had high hopes of doing lots of things around the house on this vacation and nothing got done. I have yet to finish fixing the house and make all my changes to the outside. then i wanted to work in the yard and get it cleaned up but just could not get motivated. That is a picture of my little dog Ginger.
So I have her and a mastiff named angel. I have several cats and a rabbit. Most of the cats live outside they are dropped of animals that no one wanted to love. So we got them fixed and now there will be no more litters coming from this yard. I live on over an acre of land and try gardening once in a while. Right now I am trying my hand at growing a bonsai. I hope that it will come out right.
I have a pink grapefruit tree in the yard and a kumquat tree. I tried to grow a banana tree but it died along with my mango tree. I did do a garden and all I got that was not bad was lettuce. The caterpillars ate my oleander. I get frustrated and quit doing it, when I find the solution to the problem and try again. I want to grow my own coffee tree and in joy the fruit of the gods by my own hand. I have peanuts that Iwant to grow but the pots I have are to small for it so I have to get some new ones.
I used to have a blog on myspace, but I got tired of it so now here I am. Things I like to do is mostly crafts, which is knitting and crochet. So there will be a lot of talk about that.I like to fish but have not done it in so long i think my equipment is bad. Right now I have on the needles a blanket and slippers and a pot holder. Me and the wife Cheryl like to go to Disney and get as many of the charactures pictures that we can find. here are a few of the charactures http://picasaweb.google.com/ricky4773/Disney