23 February 2008

M-I-L's house

Well I am at my m-i-l’s house and downloading books to my flash drive. The real reason I came over was to get my oil changed and find out what the noise was that the car was making. The moon roof plastic guard was off and unscrewing itself from the car. So my m-i-l’s companion screwed the moon roof back together, and is now changing the oil. The monthly card game is tonight at 1800 and at Bryon’s new house. I was making a blanket for his new house and I got into that new game and did not finish the blanket.

17 February 2008


Well there has been nothing of note to write about so that is why it is so quite. I am at the library once again had to pick up some books and take some back. So I am reading Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire mystery books (well listening to them). I got this new game from the wife that I have yet to stop playing for simplely being tired of it. It is the ultimate game of exploration of the universe. I have yet to make it very far, I run out of money pretty quick.