24 October 2009

Welcome to the Weekend

Well here it is the weekend and I have to work on the truck and house and make the grass shorter. I found out that my m-i-l is worried about me dying in a fiery crash. My brakes on the truck are bad and I need to change my spark plugs and wires. The wife on the other hand is not worried in the least I think that if the break lines are cut and I was to die in a fiery crash she would be 1,000,000.00 richer, but I think that you need to sign the paperwork and that the would be a heath test and I smoke cigars like a fiend (at least 2 a day {although last Friday I had a cigar and then it went though the weekend and by Monday night I was dying and could not get one until Tuesday when I got my truck back}so there went one on Tuesday skipped out on Wednesday and Thursday I finally got some money in my pocket for my cigars.)
So How is everybody? Me and the wife are doing Fine as can be expected with a money pit for a truck and house. I just sent a note to my father in germany and hope that he is fine and dandy like a mouth full of cotton candy. Talked with mom today and she said nothing is going on in her neck of the woods.

18 October 2009


Well my truck is broken again. M-I-LC and I are doing a bad job fixing it. Need new parts and all the parts stores are either closed or have stupid people working for them. Well here it is Tuesday and I got my truck back from my mechanic. It all started about a week ago when the radiator blew out and I got a major leak. That was when I took it to my M-I-L and her companion (my mechanic) and I started to repair it and decided to get a new radiator for the truck. Well he got the new radiator and decided to put it in and striped the threads to the upper transmission fluid line. We found out that the part for the upper transmission line was longer then the piece on the radiator. So he got that repaired and then fixed it and drove to my work so I could have it for the drive home. So now I know just enough to be dangerous.