14 March 2008

Rambling on and on

Well here it is the middle of March and I have not posted since Monday. I am working on my friend’s blanket that I hope he keeps but does not madder if he does or not. The game is on Saturday. I have all kinds of decks built for this match I hope that one of them will win me some points. Still listening to “The Waste Lands the Dark Tower III” by Stephen King, then I have a week to listen to George RR Martin’s book “A Clash of Kings”, and it is 31 discs.
Well the diet is ok I find that I am hungry all the time and I have cheated twice I had caramel on Monday the first day and then on Wednesday I ate a piece of angle food cake. So I have been very bad. On this diet and I am trying to be good but when I get hungry I do not think about the consequences. I find that I need more batteries to listen to my book on disc but I do not have that many. I also found out that my lights need non-rechargeable batteries. So I need to go out and get some non-rechargeable batteries.

10 March 2008


I hate it when i have to read a book that i started to listen to. the "Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire" mystery book I am on the sencond book and the listeniong is on book three. I have to get the book from the library and read it. Well today is the first day of my weight watchers diet. I weight 231.6, and need to weight about 190.