08 August 2009

Floor in the Back Bedroom

Well today F-I-L is coming over to help me fix the floor in the back bedroom. I am waiting for him to show. So thought I would get on and update my blog. Well here it is Sunday and the floor is down and screwed into place. F-I-L came over on Friday like I said, he got here at 1445 and we looked at the floor and decided that we needed more wood and we took out the staples and got everything up to where all we needed to do on sat was cut and pull up the wood. So on Saturday we took up half of the floor and laid the plywood down. So today we got the other piece out and then put down a piece of plywood. We had to take two back to get cut, when we got them back the fit just right. so now I have to fix a few holes in the drywall and change a few pieces. Then paint the floor and walls and trim. Then I can put in the trim and start calling it my craft room. That is where we will keep our craft stuff.
I went to Chris and Pete's last night to play some magic, and he was running extended while I was running constructed decks. It gave me a chance to figure out a little of my problems with the decks. I need to get some other decks built so I can have some fun with the other guys at monthly magic. I just wish I had the money to buy one of every card that I do not have. Got home from that at 0200 and got back up at 0645.

02 August 2009

Back bedroom

Well I went though a bunch of stuff in the back bedroom today. I found an old project that i started about a year ago, and never finished. There was two sewing machines in there and one is a singer(very old small one). I filled up the living room with all the stuff I found in there.