21 March 2009


Yesterday was my wife's birthday so we went to Disney and enjoyed our day. The only problem was I am getting sick and fill like death warmed over. I fell like I am dieing today and been sleeping most of the day. I am slowly working on that cross stitch and the rug. I have yet to work on that baby blanket, it is in the truck, but I do not want to play with it. So I gave the wife a wallet with a ten dollar gift card to Michael's and a check book cover with the Disney parking fund (which is twelve dollars) to her for her birthday.

19 March 2009


This is the fabric you can barley see the roses.

This is the bowl my wife was talking about.

This is the cross stitch that would be nice to make for my wife.

This is the Coleman camp stove that I am missing a part to, it costs 16 bucks. So in reality it will cost me 25 dollars.

I really like this picture and I plan on making it for a friend if I can figure out the color scheme

18 March 2009


So yesterday was mine and the wifes anniversary. So we went thrift store shopping, and I got a yard of fabric, a hat, a latch hook kit, and a counted cross stitch kit. I really love thrift stores. you can find just about anything you want in them for less then half price (except at some places that seem to want to charge you extra for the privilege of shopping there). I made her a pair of moccasins for our anniversary and she liked them. She gave me Muppets from Space and The Shrek Trilogy and National Treasure. The wifes birthday is Friday and we are going to Disney world I'm not sure which park yet but I do know that it will not be the Magic Kingdom. I hope that she will like the things that I made for her birthday. We took yesterday and Friday off so we can be together on them special days.
I still have to make the baby blanket for that friend, and I am going to start practicing sewing so I can make my own clothes and quilts, and anything else my heart so desires. The latch hook rug is a picture of a lab puppy the colors on the mat seem to be different then the yarn to hook on the mat. This will be my first latch rug, and my first cross stitch. So I am looking forward to making them (when I am done making the baby blanket).

15 March 2009


So I am listening to "Abarat" by Clive Barker, and finding it to be very good to listening to. That blanket is going OK, it should be done by the time the baby comes. I am trying to download the 2ND book, they give you a week to listen to it, but it takes about two weeks to download the damn thing. I got the Disney's I taught myself to knit kit. Now I need to make something with Mickey on it. That way I can show it off. So I went fishing yesterday at Withlacoochee, I just went out to sooth my mind and to relax. All I caught was a 1 1/2 inch, a 2 inch, and a 3 inch spotted sunfish. All two small to keep, and I forgot to take pictures of them because I forgot about my camera on my phone.