16 August 2008

School starts on Monday

Well schools starts on Monday and I go back to night shift. So I will be able to start fishing again and doing other stuff during the day. Recorded books is being slow today to come up and I would like to download some books to listen to at work. The library closes today at 6 pm and I have to pick up a pizza at 5:45 tonight for dinner. I need to download the rest of the dark tower books. and several other books that way when the library decides to make all people from out of county pay to use the library then I will not need that website.
Got home last night without my last book to the "Gunslinger". So will have to go back to the library to get it. My flash drive got full and I thought it could hold 5 books on tape. So at least I have 10 books to listen to. Counting the one of the two I downloaded at the beginning of the summer. so here is a list of the books I need to listen to in 21 days.
" Betrayal of the Mountain Man", "Destiny of the Mountian Man", and "Matt Jensen: The Last Mountain Man" written by William Johnstone.
"Breathing Method", "Wolves of Calla", "Song of Sussanah", and always a good one to listen too "The Shinning" by Stephen King.
"The Door to December" by Dean Koontz.
"Within the Shadows" by Brandon Massey.
"The Mists of Avalon: Prisoner in the Oak" by Marion Zimmer Bradley.
Game night was last night but it got cancelled do to not enough people. So I have another month to go though my magic cards and put them in a binder.There is a hurricane under Cuba and it looks like it is coming toward the Tampa Bay area. I got the water ready and am putting up some tarps So the rain will not leak in the house (that I think will not help us). I need to go out and get some battery's and other stuff for to be ready for the hurricane. I really need a generator. Made sure that the propane grill still works. I also need to get some gas for the cars and two gas stoves that I have. The school that I work at is a shelter so I do not know if I will have to work during the storm.