24 June 2011

Helping out

I went to work with the wife and cleaned up her kitchen and bathroom. I used to think that men where snobbish pigs but now I know that it is really women. I do not think that they had cleaned up in over 2 years. I found things in the fridge that where almost that old. They had a tomato that the wife called an orange. It had changed color and started to grow mold on it. I Started arguments with the wife and said things that I did not mean but I was being a total ass yesterday and I do not know why I was not feeling like myself and I think that is why but that would not explain why I do things all the time to annoy her. I find that I annoy her all the time but she stays with me. I do not know why she puts up with me and does not kick me out of her life. I need to stop doing it but I can not do it. I do not know that I am doing it until she tells me and then it gets worse.