17 May 2008

Tonight is Magic Night

Went fishing this morning did not catch anything, although I did get a bite. So I went out again this afternoon and I got a bowfish, two small perch at the Withlacoochee river and these two spanish speaking fellows gave me some catfish. Then I went to work pond and tried it out at six and nothing started to bite until seven. and there I got two small perch and two catfish. I tried to fish the pond behind the library (which will be known as library pond), but the grass grows all over the shore. I am still feeling under the weather but at least I am not sneezing right now. The guys emailed and thought they had enough to draft tonight I really hate feeling sick. I have to mow the yard tomorrow so might not get to go fishing. Will see how it goes tomorrow. Would not mind trying them perch again, if there are small ones then there have to be bigger ones.

The river cats smelled awful bad so I threw them away, and the two pond ones got butchered real bad so looked up how to fillet a fish and found a good web sight, now I am trying to find one on how to fly fish. This is the biggist one I was able to get, maybe 2 pounds.

15 May 2008

Yesterdays luck

Well I did not catch anything and was asked what the biggest fish I had got out of work pond. Which is nothing yet. I do not think you people wished me luck like you were supposed to. One day I am going to fish work pond at dusk with a fly and then I should get something. I see something hitting the top of the water at dusk and I think that what ever it is must be eating the bugs that lay eggs in water. I got a game this Saturday but think I am coming down with a cold, so I might not get to go. I would hate that but I do not want to be the cause of their baby's sickness. See how I feel tomorrow.
If I am coming down with something I will see if our other friend's son still likes to fish and take him somewhere. there is suppose to be a fishing hole in Brandon that is for us poor anglers that can not get to the major fishing holes that everyone and their brother seem to be going to. Will look it up on line, well just got back from looking up fishing sights in Brandon and there is none. I need a map of Hillsbough county to find any fishing holes.

14 May 2008


Well I got my fishing licence on the 5th of May and have been out fishing a few times. Mostly at the pond at work (which will be known as work pond from now on) and the Withlacoochee river. I have yet to catch anything, The wife would like to see me catch and release. But if it is something I want to eat then I will keep it. The people I work with say that they would not eat the fish from work pond, but I do not see a problem with them. The regulations on how we can kill the bugs and weeds on school property are real strick. So I do not see a problem with work pond. Besides a gator lives in the water and it is connected to a swamp behind the school. The boss said that I was aloud to fish work pond on my own time. So that means anytime I am not working which includes breaks, but The wife is right, I should not do it on work breaks or it might cost me my job.
I would love to catch anything out of anywhere I go. Wish me luck because i am fishing work pond today.