29 May 2010

5 cucumbers to eat

This is the longest cucumber at 5 inches.
These 5 cucumbers are 91/2 inches wide.

The begining of havest of the cucumbers.

The garden is coming along good with the pickling cucumbers.

These are a few of the pickle cucumbers.

This is the whole garden plot which is 12'x16' it starts out with the corn in the front with the cucumbers. the third row is from left to right are grape tomatoes, banana peppers, egg plant, bell pepper,and then cherry tomatoes. The 5Th row is grape tomato, blank spot, egg plant, another blank spot, and cherry tomatoes. Then in the open dirt spot it is potatoes and onions, and in that order.
this is a picture of one of the flowers from the egg plant.
this is my banana plant.

Pictures of the garden

Well here are a few of my plants I have growin. The top left is my banana peppers I think are over watered. The top right is my cucumbers. The middle left is my bell pepper plant which is starting to wilt too. The middle right is the cherry tomatoes and to the left of this writing is the grape tomatoes.

28 May 2010


I found a bug in my garden last night, I thought it was a bad bug but c-i-l says that it was a good bug. I squashed it anyway. I planted some colorful elephant ears and they are coming up. I forgot that I had planted a miniature rose bush and it is slowly dieing I did happen to water it last night. The wife told me the other night that she had bought a olive tree for our zone and that we will be planting it on the west side of the house. I had agreed to it but now that I am thinking about it when we get a new house they are going to need to bring the house in on that side. My pink grapefruit tree is doing better now that summer has come. I thought I had lost it due to the freezing weather that we got this last winter. I do not see any fruit yet but am not hopeful that I will get any this year. My kumquat tree is still so small that I am wondering if it is still alive. It has some green and yellow leaves.

26 May 2010

Garden update

Went out and looked into the garden this morning and saw that the corn has grown about another inch, so they are coming in nicely. I will try and update the garden everyday until the first frost. This way you all will know what I am up to. Me and the wife are doing fine the animals are good still no kids (thank god). I can see why some of the animals eat their young. As you all should know I work at a school that the kids have no respect for anything or anyone. I really injoy getting out and playing in the garden and it helps to calm and relax me after a hard long day at work. Work seems to be going good the children get out on the 9th of June so it will be running around trying to get things done that need to be done by the begining of the next school year. I hear that the princapal wants us to paint the entire school before the beginning of the new school year classrooms included.

25 May 2010


I went out into the garden this morning and saw my cherry tomatoes laying down on the job. So I staked them. Ha ha ha. The cherry tomatoes are huge almost as big as my palm of my hand and their still green. The first flower that I had gotten on my egg plant fell off. The stem and everything was gone. Found it on the weed control and I picked it up and removed it from the garden so that it would not attract bugs to the other flowers that I saw coming out. I did not take a very close look at the garden but I did see some cucumbers growing. It did not rain today and I did not water the garden. Just planted the potatoes that have not come up yet. the corn is still to small. I am afraid that one of the cats will lay on them and squash them. I did notice that one of them is clawing up my weed control. I have been talking with others that are growing things and the are just as hopeful of their garden as I am about my own. I am hoping to get out in the garden some more this weekend and make it bigger.


Well here it is summer and I have corn, cucumbers, bell peppers, potatoes, onions, banana peppers, egg plants, grape and cherry tomatoes growing in the garden. The tomatoes are coming in nicely there are a lot of them on the vines. I just planted the potatoes and onions. I planted the corn and them forgot about them in the little pot that I had them in. When I saw the seven of them 2 inches up, I thought it was grass growing in the pot. Then I remembered that they were corn and planted them on Sunday. That's when I planted the potatoes and onions too. The plot that I dug was 16x12 foot plot. 12 foot is covered by that black tarp that lets the air and water in to give the nutrient to the plants but does not let the weeds grow. but 4 feet to the left as you look to the back of the property there is no cover so I will have to get out there and pull the weeds. I really hope that the potatoes come up and that I get a few onions. those are the only thing that I just planted and need to have come up from the ground.
Well the start of the rainy season is soon and then I might have a drowned garden. If this year is like the one we had when Charley and the others blew though here then the back yard will flood and there will be no saving the garden and I will have to build up the garden plot next year if the wife will let me try again. If it is another drought year then I will have to water everyday and then some.
Well the children at school get out on the 9Th of June and then it will be summer hours from then tell August. I will be working from 8 to 430 in June and August, and the first week in July. The other three weeks of July are 10 hour shifts 4 days on and 3 days off. I am trying to get mom to come down for a week in July so that she can have a vacation.
I am reading Terry Brooks Genesis of Shannara "Armageddon's Children". I have had it for about 2 weeks and only 93 pages into it. I think it is a good book but with everything in my life to do I find it hard to read. Yes actually read a book.