19 July 2019


Well I finally did it, got Cheryl so mad that she bought me a reel mower to mow my 1.4 acre lot. I wonder how long it will take to mow my grass. She got feed up with the broken mower every three weeks this time the engine had to be replaced. I have had this curse put on me so that I am not able to keep a lawnmower running. When I was a kid I would break the lawnmower every time I touched it. If t did not break when first touch then it would fall apart while mowing. Had one that I was almost done with the yard and the handle broke off, and then rolled back at me. Thank the Lord that it stopped running at the same time. My parents got tired of buying a new mower every week so they also bout a reel mower for me. Did not break that one, it worked up to the time we left the house. Well the yard is too tall for the mower, but I just got off the phone with the repair shop and they will be delivering the riding mower tonight. Hopefully before the sun sets and it rains so I can mow the grass that is knee high

14 July 2019

Life and projects

Well I have been seeing things and worried about people following me. I swear that there are people in sitting in the trees that are waiting for me to get alone so they can kill me. I have been afraid to go out and do thing because of it Cheryl keeps telling me no one wants to kill me but  Can not stop thinking that is not true. The other thing is that the voices keep telling me that no one likes me so I should kill myself, and the saying to anyone that will listen that I should be killed. I do not think anyone is listing to them. I keep thinking that people can hear them but Cheryl keeps trying to convince me that no one can hear them except me, but I can not seem to think that is true.

So I am making a pair of socks for two people at my club and I also have to make a pair of boot cuffs. I have known since last Christmas but there are times that I do not feel like doing anything but veg out and do nothing. I have some projects to do for m-i-l and s-i-l. I have their project that I have not been wanting to do I think that I am done doing projects for veryone and just doing what I want to do.

So I have been neglecting my things that need to get done for the week but I am going to do it today and try to get it done I have to try and do a little every day.

22 June 2019

Life and times

So I have been smoking he e-cig for the past 3 years and it is better than the real ones. I no longer smell bad and my teeth are slowly getting lighter. I still smoke the tobacco on acastion but not very often. 

21 June 2019

Times are tough

Well it has been awhile I still see things, me and the doctor are slowly getting me right on with meds. The thing is that I do not like taking it. The meds keep me up all night and sleep late. I am charging the battery to the lawnmower, so I can mow the grass. It ran out of gas the other day put gas in it and the battery died. 

04 June 2019

Things that go though my head.

Well got up at 0645 and feeling tired do not need to get Cheryl up until 0800. The day is going good, nice sunny morning the weather calls for random showers, which would be good for the wild fire that is in the county just South West of where I am. It seems that the news is on 5 minutes then a 10 minute commercial. 

03 June 2019


So today I awoke at 0800 and felt fine until I read my Journal and got mad all over again. Got a lot of cards from a friend. I wish I had money to buy cards, I think that is one of the reasons I can not play very well. I have limited funds and everyone that I play with buys cards and boxes of cards so they think they have the best decks. They also play combos that lock up the board. So one of my friends wants a blanket made. Still have no idea what to get my dad for fathers day. 

02 June 2019


Went fishing yesterday, caught a Spanish mackerel. I used my new Sabiki pole and caught a lot of bait fish. I stayed out from 5 to 9 and had a lot of fun. I can not wait for the next trip. So on the agenda today is a good game of magic. Some time this week I think that I will go visit with my parents. Hurricane season started yesterday. I Pray that one does not hit anywhere. Well the rain is going and the dog is hiding. I played poorly in magic and had very little fun. I really need to get better.

23 May 2019

Magic The Gathering

Well I have decided to cut down my magic cards to 1 of each one. I do not need more if I am not going to play anything other than commander. the problem come from the fact that I been collecting since 1998. I still am not very good, the game is fun to play, but when you always lose the game it  starts to get a little depressing. I am done with white so I made a all white deck. It seems I will have fun with it. Losing at commander is a lot more fun then losing in standard. You play with 4 player a legendary creature as the commander and then 99 cards that are the same color as the commander and there can not bee any more then ne of any card.

19 May 2019

Past 2 years

So for the past two years I have not been feeling all that good, between voices and seeing things. But I have been knitting and crocheting a lot made a blanket and gave it to the vet made a nice flower garden and set up an awning. We got a new manufactured home. I have been depressed for a while now, and I have been getting angry more lately. We have had a lot of our four legged children pass away. It makes me sad and then I can not function. I have also pretty much given up cigarettes . I use e-cig most of the time. I am able to breath a lot better now. It took some time to switch and I started out at 18 mg of nicotine, and now I am down to 6 mg. I am hoping that I can quit this year. Have not been playing magic the gathering all that much lately or been fishing all that much. I sometimes fill like getting out of the house but do not going anywhere. I have also stopped drinking regular coffee and now drink decaf. been feeling a little better since then.