31 May 2008

Back at the library

Well I downloaded 2 books yesterday. I have not gone fishing for a long while, and the house and garden have yet to be done. I have been Listening to the "Mists of Avalon", and I am on book 3 so I downloaded book 3 with 4. I have not been fishing do to no funds, and it looks like I am not going to have the funds this pay period either. So We came to the library yesterday to do our library stuff and found out, starting today, that we are not aloud to check out more then 50 items. 20 of them can be cd's or dvds or a mix of them. Which means that we can not get 10 books on cd and 10 music cd's. I was supposed to be in the yard cleaning up but I do not have a 18" chainsaw. But we saw on the paper yesterday that the library is giving away a free Wii today so we came here to get the free Wii we had to be here from 2-4 I have been so into the game Galactic Civilization Ultimate Edition: the Alterion Prophecy. So I am going to download some more books. I just found two books that sound good but they are in the western genre. well I have 25 more minutes on the computer so will start rapping it up to go home. more later.