16 August 2009


Working on the Sabbath sucks.Its supposed to be for fun and enjoyment and to praise the Lord. But you have house work, a huge yard(that the lawn tractor is broke so you have to push mow), and other little things that need doing. I was supposed to be working on the back bedroom but the wife said we are not going to do that today. So it will be all the nit picky things to do. My sister is coming over to have me fix her pants(to hem the legs). Only problem is that my magic cards are on my sewing desk. and the place for them has stuff piled on it so its back to clean house. I never remember cleaning house when I played house with the girls as a young child.
North Florida is going top be hit with a tropical depression some time in the next day or two. It looks like we have two, count them 1 2, tropical storms out in the Atlantic. Ana and Bill, which Ana will hit the bottom of the state and run up the Gulf. Bill looks like it will hit North Carolina.