26 April 2013

Half the yard

       Well I got half the yard mowed yesterday and now I have to go though and pick up the sticks and pinecones.

25 April 2013

Mowing the grass

       Well today I have to mow the grass, and burn up some leaves and branches. However I am watching the news and waiting for it to end before I start. The sun is shining and it is beautiful outside the news is saying that the temp is 60 deg. I have to go the the yard and look for sticks that way I do not ruin the lawn mower. I am charging my ipod and putting more music on it.

22 April 2013

My family

       Well my mom came over yesterday, and she took me out to breakfast. She stayed for 2 hours and gave me 5 packs of smokes. I might make it until the 30th of the month when I get payed to get another carton of smokes. I have to mow the grass, but it rained last night however the grass is to wet to mow. I feel like going to the library today to catchup on my reading of the "Mother Earth News" that is like the best homesteading life magazine that I know.

Mom coming over today

       Well my mom is supposed to come over today, I do not know if she will or not. I got to do the litter boxes and take a shower, which I will do later. Right now I am watching the news. Well the news is over and "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" is on next.

21 April 2013


       Well my mother is coming over today and the house is clean. The house cats need to be on their best behavior, but I believe that they will not be. I talked to my mother and see wants to come over tomorrow. Which is fine for me, I think that she wants to make it an all day affair.We got a new Internet provider, but all we can do is 5gigs all month long. It is AT&T wireless. It is much faster then the phone line, which any thing would be faster. Now the phone company will get high-speed Internet out to my area, and we are stuck in a two year contract.