01 June 2010


I think that one of my potatoes that I had planted has come up. It is that or a weed has started in the garden. The plant is at the top of one of the mounds that I had made for the potato. I transplanted the banana pepper last night, and I hope that it starts to do good in the pot. If it does not then I do not know what else to try. If it does do good then I will know that the dirt that is in the garden is not right for banana peppers. Although it could already be dead and still a little green but I think that I saw some new growth on it as I was planting it in the pot. I do not know if it was getting to much water or that the water was draining to fast for the plant.
The hurricane season forecast to be a bad one this year, but I will believe it when and if I see it. They said that it will be especially bad for the east coast. The west coast has already began their hurricane season and had a named storm, it hit Central America. There is nothing out there yet so we will see.