16 April 2011

Still smoking

Still smoking and feeling depressed about it. I do not know what is wrong with me and why I can not quit smoking. Well I am making a nice present for my mom for Christmas do not know what to get her for mothers day which happens to be on the 8th of May this year. What I wanted to get her will not be ready by then, so I am going to have to think of something else. Well I need a 40 inch circular needle to do two socks at the same time, which I have a book to teach me how to do. I thought that a 29 inch circular needle was needed but I was wrong that's what I get for thinking. Well Went on vacation on the 12th of March and been back since the 19th of March.

Just have not thought of anything I could blog about. I had a great time, we rode on the Disney Magic boat and went to St Maartin, St Tomas, and Cast Away Cay. My poor wife got sea sick the first two nights out and then when I bought the sea bands she started to feel a lot better. I seem to have stuffed myself every chance I got, which was so often that I did not go hungry. I did not need a mid-night snack like I do when I am at home. I was supposed to wright in a journal every day but gave up on that idea very quickly do to the fact of all the fun food ,that I forgot was called that same day, to eat. I sat in the smoking section much of the time and talked with a few people. There was a coffee/tea bar that was for 18 years or older and an adult swimming pool, the kids had there own places to be so I did not happen to see too many of them, although much of the place was taken by families.

I think some days that it would be nice to have some kids but the way this world is going I just do not think I want to raise a child in the wacky world that we live in. Just thinking of children in the middle eastern countries trying to get out from under dictators and rumors of wars to come and our own country not able to hold its head high and proud any where in the world because the rest of the world looks down on us is wrong. I was in the military we were called every time some one was doing something bad in the world. So why is it that every time some thing comes up we have to be the one to got our heads out of the fox hole. Why can not France or some one else do it. Poor Japan had that Tsunami the day before we left and they are still digging out I have not heard that anyone has gone out to help them but the Americans, sure send money but not people. I will get down now.