09 July 2011

Wet grass

Well the grass is still to wet to mow and I think I am hearing thunder outside. So I might not get to mow the grass again today. I need to finish up with the knee high grass and start over where I began or the grass will be knee high again. Well it never rained so I should be able to get out in the morning to mow and tonight is my quit smoking night I am going to throw away all my left over smokes get rid of the ashtrays and find something else for my mind to do in the morning when I want a smoke do to coffee cooling.

08 July 2011


Well mowing the grass has been scrubbed for this morning do to rain. It started about 1600 last night, been raining ever since. It's light rain but the grass is to wet to mow it so I will have to do inside chores and they really need to be done. Have not felt like doing anything since i quit drinking coffee. Day 3 and I do not think that I will make it to 30 day's no coffee. I really miss the taste and the warmth of it. I need to get past this sleeping all the time I wonder if it is from not having coffee or if I am just blaming it over my laziness. Well I finally broke down and bought some coffee and had four cups today now I can not sleep.

07 July 2011


Well I ran over the dish cable on Tuesday. I had to call for them to come out and fix it. He came out yesterday and took him like 5 minutes to do. He buried the line after that right up to the house. So I was out of TV for the night. It sucked because the Casey Anthony verdict came back right after I did it. So I called the wife and she told me what it was, not-guilty.I can not believe that, I thought she was guilty of murdering her child. I'm glad that it is over, all we have left is the sentencing for the lies she told to the police. The news people are saying that she will get time served.

We will probably never get away from this stupid story of Casey Anthony, the news people are saying that she will be a millionaire when she gets out for everyone wants to interview her and there are even people out there that are wanting to put her in their movies. I'll grant you that it is adult film industry but still they want her. I can not understand it, I don't think she is that cute but what can you say about the adult film industry's taste in people.

04 July 2011


I am mowing the front yard 30 minutes at a time. I got from the side of the house to the other side of the steps in that time. It's about time to go back out and do another 30 minutes. Right now I am watching the Casey Anthony trial. I can not wait until the jury comes back with a verdict of guilty or not-guilty then at least the trial will be over and we can get back to some decent news coverage. I made water and got it in the fridge and then made a cup of coffee. I am drinking the coffee now. Waiting to cool off from the 30 minute mowing. I am going to try and get most of the yard done today so I can lower the wheels on the lawn mower and start over next Monday.

I am going to try and mow my grass for an hour and a half to 2 hours a day until it gets done for the week. I just have to get into shape, so I do not have to stop so often to let my hurting body and sweat to get better. I am sure that if I could get to mow the yard for 2 hours that I could get half of the yard done in a day and then I would get more time to do my knitting. But sadly I am really out of shape and have the desire to quit smoking. I still can't bring myself to throw away money that I spent on the cigars, so it still waiting until I have smoked most of them. The wife told me last night that she did not want to hear that I am going to quit, but that I have been quit for a month.

I am about ready to go back out and get started on the second half of the front yard. I am going to mow up to the auto's then move them, and take another break where I will write some more. It is noon so see you in 30. Well it took 15 minutes to get to the cars then I moved them and pulled off the vines that seem to be growing all over the house and picked up the garbage in the yard. It looks like I will be only able to mow in the sun 15 minutes at a time do to the fact that it is just to hot to do it any longer.

03 July 2011

4th of July

Well just got back from m-i-l house and had a good time. I did not stuff myself and only had 5 of those German beers all day. I feel good about being home finally, watched some of the fireworks then the smell started to get to me. The wife had a headache that sucked, m-i-l had an ear ache that also sucked they did not have as much fun as they could have. I think I messed up on my hat but will not tell until I have it finished.

4th of July celebrations

The wife and I are going to m-i-l house for the 4th of July celebrations. There will be fireworks, drinks, and food. The food is Mexican food but that's alright it's going to be fun. The wife bought me some German beer for the party, it's that or Budweiser for beer. The wife made some lemonade with melon and vodka for the women's drink. I am going to knit during the daylight and then watch the fireworks that m-i-lc shoots off during the night time. I think it will be sometime after 2030 tonight for that is when the sun will go down. I can't wait for the festivities. The problem with it all is that its American celebration for independence that has German and Mexican food and drinks. But it will be a lot of fun to be away from the house.

I got a new lawnmower yesterday, it's a push mower but that is OK for that is what I wanted do to the fact that it will help me lose my weight and get into shape. I used it yesterday and found out that I am really out of shape and can not breath. So I really need to quit smoking and do some exercise. There for the push mower, I know that it is going to be rough doing a 1.4 acre yard with a push mower. I have that figured out do .25 of the yard every day until the yard is done for the week then start over the next week. It should not take long to get into shape.