04 June 2019

Things that go though my head.

Well got up at 0645 and feeling tired do not need to get Cheryl up until 0800. The day is going good, nice sunny morning the weather calls for random showers, which would be good for the wild fire that is in the county just South West of where I am. It seems that the news is on 5 minutes then a 10 minute commercial. 

03 June 2019


So today I awoke at 0800 and felt fine until I read my Journal and got mad all over again. Got a lot of cards from a friend. I wish I had money to buy cards, I think that is one of the reasons I can not play very well. I have limited funds and everyone that I play with buys cards and boxes of cards so they think they have the best decks. They also play combos that lock up the board. So one of my friends wants a blanket made. Still have no idea what to get my dad for fathers day. 

02 June 2019


Went fishing yesterday, caught a Spanish mackerel. I used my new Sabiki pole and caught a lot of bait fish. I stayed out from 5 to 9 and had a lot of fun. I can not wait for the next trip. So on the agenda today is a good game of magic. Some time this week I think that I will go visit with my parents. Hurricane season started yesterday. I Pray that one does not hit anywhere. Well the rain is going and the dog is hiding. I played poorly in magic and had very little fun. I really need to get better.