20 April 2008


I found out that my 47 year old uncle Bobby on my dads side died on Thursday while I was at work. It was natural causes that did him in and I know that I will sure miss him. He was an inspiration to us all. In his younger days he was an alcoholic and He was sober for a very long time and Though his wife's death he stayed sober. He never had any kids of his own that anyone in the family knows of, and that out of his two step sons that one turned out nice and well mannered and the other is a real shit head. I had spent a couple of months with him and his wife when I was 11 or so and had a fun time. That's where I learned to shoot a 12 gauge shot gun. My real father bought me the shot gun and me and my uncle and father went out and target practiced with it before my father got stationed in Germany.

I did not get to see him before he died and now that he has passed to a better place I know that I will miss him. I had asked my father when he was coming back to the states and he like the rest of the family is broke and will not be able to see his brother's funeral. Even if he and Janny(my step mom) could come to the funeral I could not go do to the lack of funds. I was hoping that for christmas or new years I would get up that way to see everyone in the family. But alas I have lost a very good uncle in between now and when I get up there.