18 July 2009

Nothing Happening

A little note to say we are fine and nothing much has been going on. I have been making lists of all the magic cards in sets then I will figure out which ones I have and highlight them so I can get the ones I need. I was told about this web site that sells singles and I have been making my list from them. I have been looking at some of the prices and I found one that cost over 2400 dollars. My computer broke and we had it taken in to a store to see what the matter was they said that it was the mother board was fried. So I am writing from Cheryl's laptop.
We are Talking about getting me a laptop. I would love a 17" screen but We do not think I need one that big. I found a place to go to play my Magic game and met another guy that likes to fish. They get together every Friday and have a game. But I am not able to go on Fridays during the school year. Just during the summer, or on holidays. But the owner told m e that the Brandon store plays constructed on Sundays. so I might get to play there during the school year. Been playing the game "Rome -Total War-". I like games like that. You have to build armies and spies and diplomats. Everyone die (natural or during battles) and you have to replace them during the game. There is plagues and natural disasters to contend with. Riots and seiges that take place. All in all it is a good game.