30 June 2014


This is from the June 3 fishing trip.

22 May 2014

Skyway Bridge

Well a friend and I went fishing today down at the Skyway Pier. He caught a red snapper, and I caught three of these fish.

They where all about that size. I was wearing my lucky hat at that time. Then we went a little further down the pier and I took off my lucky hat and started feeding the fish with the bait on my hook. I had one that took the bait and hook all at once.

22 February 2014


so this is the cowl i am making for my wife i found it on the web at.


14 February 2014

Happy Valentine Day

happy valentines day to all you freaky people out there in internet world.

09 February 2014


well here is a picture of the lapghan that i made for myself

it took me a couple of weeks.

27 January 2014

Pictures of knitted items

These are the gm-i-l's socks that I made her for Christmas.

I made these Owls for S-I-L, and M-I-L'S birthdays

So I have been doing nothing for the past couple of months.I am making some gloves for my dad and a lap blanket for myself.