28 March 2009

My Life

Well in my life there are a lot of things in it first there is the wife (which she will not let me take her picture). Then there are my animals, and I do not want anything to happen to them. Then there are my fun things like taking pictures of the rotten animals. or just things that I would like to blog about. Well the wife went to bingo and left me here to do the dishes. What fun, I really hate doing the dishes which reminds me I need to start on them. I did tell her that I would do
them so it is my fault. This is a picture of that baby blanket that I am doing. I love looking at the pattern but the making of it is so hard. The honeycomb pattern is the hardest I am thinking of starting a new one to give to the friend. If I do then I will rip this one out to use the yarn for said new project. This is a picture of Basil. He is our fattest and laziest cat, and also the only one I know. But we still love him. Well we have a bad storm trying to invade Florida I think they said that it was in Gainesville at 10:00, on the rat bastard news. Just to show you I found a good site.

Well I finally did it I just started a new baby blanket it will be garter stitch for ten rows then the rest is st st except for the rows that will be in the first color then they will Be garter stitch. this is poor Dinah after the razor has been ran though his hair.

My yard

These are two pictures of leaves in my yard. The first one being already raked and picked up and the second needing to be raked and picked up. I got 7 bags of leaves for the garbage men to take on Wednesday. The wive bought 18 bags and then told me to fill all of them up but I do not quite fill up to the challenge. So will work on it though out the week. These things are leaf picker uppers and they work rather well. I was very surprised. It took longer to rake the leaves then to pick them up. So me and the wive are talking of putting in a garden and she says that I can not until I get off my lazy ass and work in the yard. So to make her happy I am thinking of working an hour or two in the morning when she leaves and then playing on the computer. I ran off today to put gas in my truck and go to the library, but the gas would have been just enough to get to work until Tuesday. I have decieded to work on that baby blanket again and try to get don before the baby is born so I might not be writing fo a while. Oh, by the way if you do not see any writing here then check out my other blog on myspace. here is the url.


26 March 2009


Here are some of my co-workers.

This is Robert.

This is John.

This is Kevin.
We are at the end of a long night waiting for the shift to end. Counting the days until spring break.

22 March 2009

Lost and Found

Well I lost my string for the cross stitch. I had bundled it all together and thought I had put it in my bag that I came up with to put the cross stitch into. But when I got to the Hospital last night to be checked for pneumonia it was not in the bag. It is not in the house and yard unless the stuff blew into the fence by the wind. So that project is on hold for now. The "Puppy Love" picture of latch hook is moving kind of slow I still do not know if the colors are right (I hope so). And last but not least is that baby blanket, which is not going very well. I know that I said that I would not do any of my new projects until that baby blanket was done, but I could not help myself.

That baby is due at the end of April and the blanket still has 100 hours of work to go. I am almost done listening to "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer and read by Ilyana Kadushin. It is very good I would recommend it to everyone that loves a good love story. I am also still listening to "Abarat: Days of Magic and Nights of War"

This is the only picture that I got at Disney on my cell phone. We got a picture with the two of us (me and the wife) next to to-mater. We looked for the picture frame with To-Mater on it. The phone is so much better then the camera to up load to the Internet. So I found out last night that I do not have pneumonia so that is good (I did not think I had it, but you know wives).