25 January 2009

cold winter nights

Hello everyone, at the library and having fun the wife is at home playing on the computer. All the cats love how we arranged the room. It freaked out Dennis the Menace. He walked into the room and wanted back out. So how is everyone doing? Now we try and keep the room free of cats but then they start in on the crying and (the wife has a heart of gold) she lets them in. No rest for the nice people they cry to get in the when we are up and home. me personally i will not let them in and let them cry but when the wife is home she will let them in, we only let a few sleep with us. Well there is a magic game on the 7 of February. it's going to be fun to get out of the house and play some with some good players. I have several decks build for the game, and we are doing a draw so I will get some more cards. Wish me luck I am going to win the prize. I am going to have some fun at least. I started this baby blanket for a friend. I hope that she will like it and use it. I have so many projects to do and the wife wants me to make some that she found in a magazine. But I am supposed to make the baby blanket before sometime in February. I will have some pictures up while I am doing the blanket, at least I am not playing that game I got for Christmas. And now I can transport pictures from the phone to the computer via a USB port.