28 March 2010

March update

I thought that March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb. But it has brought us cold temps and lots of rain I hope that April showers will not drown May flowers. So it is the end of March and I have not written that much on here. Nothing spectacular has gone off. I did happen to get my pinkie toe nail removed. It hurts to put it in Epsom salt so I have only done it once. I went fishing yesterday and did not get even a bite from a mosquito. The River was up past the docks a week ago and I did not go there, but found a new place to fish. There is a boat ramp. There was this old man in a kayak he said that it was the best and to get it now while the prices are down to a reasonable price.
So my grandmother called last week and she canceled the trip, do to Uncle David having a problem with his stomage. And that fall that grandma had last month is giving her a problem so she canceled. She thinks that this summer would be good. But I talked to my boss and he said that there is no way that anyone will get any time off.