14 June 2009

Fishing and Gators

So went fishing yesterday and saw a 3 foot gator. only meet 8 groups of people. Did not catch a thing, see that little log looking thing well that is the gator.
I got a nice size fish on the hook but alas he spit it back out. So I did not bring in a picture of a fish this time. Me and the wife have decided to start cooking outside on the grill. I am having a ball with it, so I might grill during the winter months. I love to grill.

I would like to cook more types of food on the grill. The only problem with that is that I only have a gas grill. with no handle. I do happen to have two gas burners to cook with. If I happen to get my hands on another dutch oven I can start cooking more soups. Hopefully can remember how to cook biscuits on top of the dutch oven. If I remember correctly all you do is put them on top of the lid. I need to get some more cast iron skillets.

I think that I almost have the wife convinced that I need a kayak to fish from. Now all I need to do is figure out how to fly fish.