28 December 2009

Well 6 days into my vacation

I am having a good time on vacation and getting my yard cleaned up. I have a burn pit and a lot of dead trees and leaves around the yard. The wife got a message on face book about this blanket I made for a friend and his wife, she loved it.

24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Well here it is the night before Christmas, me and the wife are watching the first season of bones. It does not look like it but those lights are colored lights. Littlebit seems to be eating our fake tree. he thinks that I like it when he sits under the tree but I know that he is looking for something to eat. Well me and the wife got back from m-i-l house and I made out like a bandit. Got all the tools to do an oil change and to fix the cars from m-i-l and m-i-lc. S-i-l gave me the movie up and the bones season one and two. got some flashlights from the wife.

14 December 2009

6 Days

Well I have exactly 6 working days until Christmas vacation. We had family gathering for the Christmas. I had a good time but the women folk did not do their usual outing to Michael's or Joann's. I have not had my tree lights on since the last time I wrote in my blog. I am going to quit smoking for the new year. But first I must diet to get back down to a decent weight.

29 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

So thanksgiving was fun. We had m-i-l, s-i-l and m-i-lc, and c-i-l over and had a lot of left over turkey. We got the back bedroom almost done then we started to shove everything into it. Got a bed and the desk done on thursday. I am trying to quit smoking and it is not going to good. I really want a cigar but can not have one. I sould go shower and put on a patch or two.

10 November 2009


Well I finished that one project and started on another 3. finished 2 and now trying to do this one that I call a scarf hat. I decided to not make the scarf hat and make a cowl instead.That's what is on the circular needles. The two square looking things are booties that my mom likes. I have to sew them up then they are done. I have never made a cowl before, so it will be fun. Thursday will be my quit day for smoking. I will be getting some of that smokers gum and some patches. So this time I hope it will work. but the cowl is worked on circular needles in the round. Knit all the way for 30 inches. I found some more projects as I went looking for my dad's scarf. I am not very far along in it and need to get it done soon.

This is the beginning of my dad's scarf which says #1 Weis Dad. I spelled it like his last name and is pronounced like wise. I have no idea where my real father is and have no idea what he is up to since he has not written in a while I sure do hope that he is OK. His mom would love a afghan from me (which I might get the chance to work on after the holidays). I wonder if my dad would like an afghan. I found another afghan in my bins of yarn and decided to make that one for this friend that has a house that no one has seen yet. I wonder when he is going to host the next magic the gathering party. He says that the house is so small that the mice have a hard time turning around.

On this day of Veterans I would love to take the time to say that we are thankful for those that have gone before us and that those that have worked side by side with us and those that we will never get to meet. Thank God for our Armed Forces.

30 October 2009

Bad days

I am having one of those days. I just wish that I could be a normal person then I would not have gotten out of the military. The truck is running alright the check engine light went out last night, and now I am worried. A friend of mine said that when he gets Internet then I could come over and play x-box sounds fun but I think that he would love to play one of those shooter games. I just can not wrap my mind around them and will be no good with it. My favorite game are like mind games. You know like Magic the Gathering.

Happy Halloween !!

Its drunk night for all you freaky people so have fun. So me and the wife are watching Revenge of the Cat People. Watching the cats fight. Need to feed the cats and rabbit. Do not want to. The movie is good. It is better then those that came out in the 1980's.

25 October 2009

The Brakes

Well on Saturday me and my mechanic changed the brakes on the truck. We had all the tires off and did not rotate them. The passenger side rear tire had a blown brake cylinder. So we changed that will the front brakes. My mechanic said that we will need to change the back brakes the next time we change the front ones. Then me and wifey went to the Salvation Army and got a new couch and love seat, with a new project for me. Then on Sunday I worked on the back room.
I muded the walls with some Spackle then helped the wifey with the house hold chores. It was mostly clean. I really need to get the grass made shorter.

24 October 2009

Welcome to the Weekend

Well here it is the weekend and I have to work on the truck and house and make the grass shorter. I found out that my m-i-l is worried about me dying in a fiery crash. My brakes on the truck are bad and I need to change my spark plugs and wires. The wife on the other hand is not worried in the least I think that if the break lines are cut and I was to die in a fiery crash she would be 1,000,000.00 richer, but I think that you need to sign the paperwork and that the would be a heath test and I smoke cigars like a fiend (at least 2 a day {although last Friday I had a cigar and then it went though the weekend and by Monday night I was dying and could not get one until Tuesday when I got my truck back}so there went one on Tuesday skipped out on Wednesday and Thursday I finally got some money in my pocket for my cigars.)
So How is everybody? Me and the wife are doing Fine as can be expected with a money pit for a truck and house. I just sent a note to my father in germany and hope that he is fine and dandy like a mouth full of cotton candy. Talked with mom today and she said nothing is going on in her neck of the woods.

18 October 2009


Well my truck is broken again. M-I-LC and I are doing a bad job fixing it. Need new parts and all the parts stores are either closed or have stupid people working for them. Well here it is Tuesday and I got my truck back from my mechanic. It all started about a week ago when the radiator blew out and I got a major leak. That was when I took it to my M-I-L and her companion (my mechanic) and I started to repair it and decided to get a new radiator for the truck. Well he got the new radiator and decided to put it in and striped the threads to the upper transmission fluid line. We found out that the part for the upper transmission line was longer then the piece on the radiator. So he got that repaired and then fixed it and drove to my work so I could have it for the drive home. So now I know just enough to be dangerous.

05 September 2009

Family from Oklahoma

Well this week I found out that my Uncle Andy fom Oklahoma is coming down I have not seen him since 1984 right before I went to Germany with my father. He is coming down due to his wife's grandmother's death. While he is here I am going to go and see him. He is my father's half brother on my grandfather's side. So today is a busy day. Must do something about the roof and mow the grass. I did get the lawn tractor fixes then the drive belt fell off. Thank God that it only fell of and not broke then I would have to wait another month to fix it.The wife thinks that the roof is leaking in the bathroom to so will have to get up there and find out where it is leaking.

16 August 2009


Working on the Sabbath sucks.Its supposed to be for fun and enjoyment and to praise the Lord. But you have house work, a huge yard(that the lawn tractor is broke so you have to push mow), and other little things that need doing. I was supposed to be working on the back bedroom but the wife said we are not going to do that today. So it will be all the nit picky things to do. My sister is coming over to have me fix her pants(to hem the legs). Only problem is that my magic cards are on my sewing desk. and the place for them has stuff piled on it so its back to clean house. I never remember cleaning house when I played house with the girls as a young child.
North Florida is going top be hit with a tropical depression some time in the next day or two. It looks like we have two, count them 1 2, tropical storms out in the Atlantic. Ana and Bill, which Ana will hit the bottom of the state and run up the Gulf. Bill looks like it will hit North Carolina.

08 August 2009

Floor in the Back Bedroom

Well today F-I-L is coming over to help me fix the floor in the back bedroom. I am waiting for him to show. So thought I would get on and update my blog. Well here it is Sunday and the floor is down and screwed into place. F-I-L came over on Friday like I said, he got here at 1445 and we looked at the floor and decided that we needed more wood and we took out the staples and got everything up to where all we needed to do on sat was cut and pull up the wood. So on Saturday we took up half of the floor and laid the plywood down. So today we got the other piece out and then put down a piece of plywood. We had to take two back to get cut, when we got them back the fit just right. so now I have to fix a few holes in the drywall and change a few pieces. Then paint the floor and walls and trim. Then I can put in the trim and start calling it my craft room. That is where we will keep our craft stuff.
I went to Chris and Pete's last night to play some magic, and he was running extended while I was running constructed decks. It gave me a chance to figure out a little of my problems with the decks. I need to get some other decks built so I can have some fun with the other guys at monthly magic. I just wish I had the money to buy one of every card that I do not have. Got home from that at 0200 and got back up at 0645.

02 August 2009

Back bedroom

Well I went though a bunch of stuff in the back bedroom today. I found an old project that i started about a year ago, and never finished. There was two sewing machines in there and one is a singer(very old small one). I filled up the living room with all the stuff I found in there.

01 August 2009

Hello World

So how is everyone. I am doing a little better today and the wife is good. All the children are doing good. Thought I would write a little note about me today and that is all I have to say. maybe more later but for know this is it. it is 0846 in the morning. Well me and the wife went to Ikea and got some more tubs and 2 pillows. I saw some lamps that I liked but I need to fix the floor in the craft room before I can get stuff to put in there. We also got a pot with it's strainer.

28 July 2009

Today on Ricky TV

Well today I called in sick to work I started feeling under the weather yesterday while at work and still feeling sick. When my wife got up she told me I will be doing the dishes and the laundry. It wasn't so much as a request but an order(Ha Ha). So I finally got the dishes done but the laundry is still going in the dryer and I have one load in the washer ready to be dried. So how is everyone doing, me I am a little under the weather as I mentioned. Hopefully I am able to go to work tomorrow. So I talked to my grandma today and she has a bad arm from a fall about a month ago. She had broken it and it is still bothering her. I have my M10 cards all laid out and in the binder. I even went as far as highlighting the ones I have, still need a lot of cards for M10. The wife got me this video camera that takes still photos. All I need is the card that goes into it to hold the video. She also got me two new mp3 players, because mine is broke. It will not work anymore, what do you expect from the money hungry thief's that we call companies. It seems that nothing works for very long anymore it breaks after a couple of years. Well the wife is home and Its time to give up the computer to her. Since I have been on it all day.

25 July 2009

Anybody out there

Well it is toward the end of the month and nothing exciting has happened. I went to Friday magic night won 4 games. But the 2 decks that I ran won against were mill decks. And I had a burn deck. I really need to get some more of the new cards to play with. Its either that or play with the collection cards. It was nice to find out that they had reprinted some old cards that I could play with. I need to redo my decks to make them run faster. I talked to the owner and he said next Friday is another constructed format and after that it will be a draft again. So I did not get anything good out and I was having trouble getting my mana out to do anything with. So how is everyone out there in the world. Me and the family are fine, nothing to really write about.

I sent my computer to a friend to see if he could fix the darn thing I am going to owe him big time. He said that it might not be the motherboard. We would like to get at least another year out of it. I need to fix my weed eater and I found out why the lawn tractor some times runs slow and sounds like it is about to stall. It was the arm to the carburetor that would not come back to the mow position, so it would stay on choke until I pulled it back down. I need some new fuel hoses and a spark plug for the weed eater, then it should stay running, I seem to be having all kind of problems with my lawn equipment. The second week of August me and my f-i-l will be putting down a new floor in the back bedroom. Well I need to go get gas and start mowing the grass.


Well went and got gas for the lawn tractor and was going around when half way though the back yard the lawn tractor broke its belt. First things first I would have to put the thing back on every time I stopped then it would fall off if I did not go up slowly to the mower blades on position. I think that I am cursed with problem lawn equipment. So picked up the front yard and will have to use a push lawn mower. But for now I will have to wait to get my belt to fix the lawn tractor. It is way to hot to work in the 1.4 acre lot that I have so me and the wife will go shopping.


Well we went to one thrift store out in Zepherhills, I got some yarn and a book on sewing. then went to eat at Beef O' Bradies. Then we went into the game stop and got me a new game. Civ IV, I had it a while back but the wife got mad at me and broke the disc. Then I got Civ IV Colonization and had a blast with it until my computer broke down. And now I got 4 games in one.

18 July 2009

Nothing Happening

A little note to say we are fine and nothing much has been going on. I have been making lists of all the magic cards in sets then I will figure out which ones I have and highlight them so I can get the ones I need. I was told about this web site that sells singles and I have been making my list from them. I have been looking at some of the prices and I found one that cost over 2400 dollars. My computer broke and we had it taken in to a store to see what the matter was they said that it was the mother board was fried. So I am writing from Cheryl's laptop.
We are Talking about getting me a laptop. I would love a 17" screen but We do not think I need one that big. I found a place to go to play my Magic game and met another guy that likes to fish. They get together every Friday and have a game. But I am not able to go on Fridays during the school year. Just during the summer, or on holidays. But the owner told m e that the Brandon store plays constructed on Sundays. so I might get to play there during the school year. Been playing the game "Rome -Total War-". I like games like that. You have to build armies and spies and diplomats. Everyone die (natural or during battles) and you have to replace them during the game. There is plagues and natural disasters to contend with. Riots and seiges that take place. All in all it is a good game.

04 July 2009

Party Time

Went to a party the other weekend and had a good time it was a friends daughter graduation party and had a good time pictures to follow. They had a hula dancer and a fire dancer. Right now I am at my m-i-l house. I had to cook dinner on the grill. It was fun to use someone else grill. no pictures to follow. I went and played some Friday Night Magic at this store in Riverview. Lost 4 games and won 1. for a game that i had to find other cards from earlier sets. The next expansion set comes out on the 17Th but they are having a game with the new expansion on Saturday.

14 June 2009

Fishing and Gators

So went fishing yesterday and saw a 3 foot gator. only meet 8 groups of people. Did not catch a thing, see that little log looking thing well that is the gator.
I got a nice size fish on the hook but alas he spit it back out. So I did not bring in a picture of a fish this time. Me and the wife have decided to start cooking outside on the grill. I am having a ball with it, so I might grill during the winter months. I love to grill.

I would like to cook more types of food on the grill. The only problem with that is that I only have a gas grill. with no handle. I do happen to have two gas burners to cook with. If I happen to get my hands on another dutch oven I can start cooking more soups. Hopefully can remember how to cook biscuits on top of the dutch oven. If I remember correctly all you do is put them on top of the lid. I need to get some more cast iron skillets.

I think that I almost have the wife convinced that I need a kayak to fish from. Now all I need to do is figure out how to fly fish.

17 May 2009


I took my nephew fishing yesterday, all I caught was this 5 inch blue gill. He did not catch anything. He did happen to crack my black widow cane pole. He is young and rambunctious He needs to learn to calm down and wait. Things do gome to those that wait but sometimes you need to go out and get them.

10 May 2009

Fishing and me

I went fishing the other day and all I caught was these two small fish. My sister came and visited me and this is a picture of her.

25 April 2009

Them Rat Bastards

The bastards that I am referring to are them people at Hughes Net. They only let you download 200MB of information so we got rid of it.

07 April 2009


Today is my Birthday. So me and the wife went out thrift store shopping. And I got cross stitch fabric, 3 books on cassette ("Hollowpoint" by Rob Reuland, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and the Goblet of Fire" both written by J.K. Rowling), an old fly rod needs new backing and leader and line, a new pill container, and a lion king thermos made by Aladdin. Remember the wife gave me my presents early and it was the last 3 books of the Twilight saga. Sunday I went to m-i-l house for a very good dinner and M-I-L  and M-I-LC gave me the movies Bedtime Stories, and Bolt, and a shirt that says "You Look Goofy Too". S-I-L gave me Twilight the movie. Then on Monday I went to the Veterans hospital because I am a disabled veteran and got a pair of moccasins to make for myself. And also today we went to Joann's and I got a new cross stitch pattern to make for the wife. F-I-L gave me a $50 gift card to Best Buy and I got 4 movies 12 Monkeys, Bedazzled, Just Married, and the new Psycho, I also got 2 new games 1 for the PC Rome Total War, and 1 for the Nintendo ds Age of Empires Mythologies and I still have a little under $8 left. So how was everyone and thier day it was so windy today that I thought that I was in Minot again. the one time I looked at a thermometer it said 70 and the wind brought it down.

29 March 2009

The Fight

You know how people say that they go to a fight and a hockey game breaks out? Well I went to the hockey game and no fights broke out. This is the hockey ring we went to see Ottawa Senators beat Tampa Bay Lightning. It looked like the Bolts were paid to lose. If they were not passing the puck then they were giving it to the Senators. The best part about the game was the free food and drinks. I did happen to see a few of the players break some sticks and forget were they left their stick. All in all I had fun. My sister was there in section 315. I did not see her and Greg and I was looking. We sat in section CLB7 row C I sat in seat 13. My lovely wife won us the tickets at her job for her fathers birthday so we took him and Tracie (s-i-l), to the game. This is the only way I will be able to prove that my wife does exist is the picture of her wedding rings. The first thing we did was go to the John Lennon and Jerry Garcia's art show. but more of that on my other blog. http://www.myspace.com/ricky4773 So all in all everyone in our little group had fun. Here you will find some more pictures. http://picasaweb.google.com/ricky4773/HockeyGame?feat=directlink

28 March 2009

My Life

Well in my life there are a lot of things in it first there is the wife (which she will not let me take her picture). Then there are my animals, and I do not want anything to happen to them. Then there are my fun things like taking pictures of the rotten animals. or just things that I would like to blog about. Well the wife went to bingo and left me here to do the dishes. What fun, I really hate doing the dishes which reminds me I need to start on them. I did tell her that I would do
them so it is my fault. This is a picture of that baby blanket that I am doing. I love looking at the pattern but the making of it is so hard. The honeycomb pattern is the hardest I am thinking of starting a new one to give to the friend. If I do then I will rip this one out to use the yarn for said new project. This is a picture of Basil. He is our fattest and laziest cat, and also the only one I know. But we still love him. Well we have a bad storm trying to invade Florida I think they said that it was in Gainesville at 10:00, on the rat bastard news. Just to show you I found a good site.

Well I finally did it I just started a new baby blanket it will be garter stitch for ten rows then the rest is st st except for the rows that will be in the first color then they will Be garter stitch. this is poor Dinah after the razor has been ran though his hair.

My yard

These are two pictures of leaves in my yard. The first one being already raked and picked up and the second needing to be raked and picked up. I got 7 bags of leaves for the garbage men to take on Wednesday. The wive bought 18 bags and then told me to fill all of them up but I do not quite fill up to the challenge. So will work on it though out the week. These things are leaf picker uppers and they work rather well. I was very surprised. It took longer to rake the leaves then to pick them up. So me and the wive are talking of putting in a garden and she says that I can not until I get off my lazy ass and work in the yard. So to make her happy I am thinking of working an hour or two in the morning when she leaves and then playing on the computer. I ran off today to put gas in my truck and go to the library, but the gas would have been just enough to get to work until Tuesday. I have decieded to work on that baby blanket again and try to get don before the baby is born so I might not be writing fo a while. Oh, by the way if you do not see any writing here then check out my other blog on myspace. here is the url.


26 March 2009


Here are some of my co-workers.

This is Robert.

This is John.

This is Kevin.
We are at the end of a long night waiting for the shift to end. Counting the days until spring break.

22 March 2009

Lost and Found

Well I lost my string for the cross stitch. I had bundled it all together and thought I had put it in my bag that I came up with to put the cross stitch into. But when I got to the Hospital last night to be checked for pneumonia it was not in the bag. It is not in the house and yard unless the stuff blew into the fence by the wind. So that project is on hold for now. The "Puppy Love" picture of latch hook is moving kind of slow I still do not know if the colors are right (I hope so). And last but not least is that baby blanket, which is not going very well. I know that I said that I would not do any of my new projects until that baby blanket was done, but I could not help myself.

That baby is due at the end of April and the blanket still has 100 hours of work to go. I am almost done listening to "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer and read by Ilyana Kadushin. It is very good I would recommend it to everyone that loves a good love story. I am also still listening to "Abarat: Days of Magic and Nights of War"

This is the only picture that I got at Disney on my cell phone. We got a picture with the two of us (me and the wife) next to to-mater. We looked for the picture frame with To-Mater on it. The phone is so much better then the camera to up load to the Internet. So I found out last night that I do not have pneumonia so that is good (I did not think I had it, but you know wives).

21 March 2009


Yesterday was my wife's birthday so we went to Disney and enjoyed our day. The only problem was I am getting sick and fill like death warmed over. I fell like I am dieing today and been sleeping most of the day. I am slowly working on that cross stitch and the rug. I have yet to work on that baby blanket, it is in the truck, but I do not want to play with it. So I gave the wife a wallet with a ten dollar gift card to Michael's and a check book cover with the Disney parking fund (which is twelve dollars) to her for her birthday.

19 March 2009


This is the fabric you can barley see the roses.

This is the bowl my wife was talking about.

This is the cross stitch that would be nice to make for my wife.

This is the Coleman camp stove that I am missing a part to, it costs 16 bucks. So in reality it will cost me 25 dollars.

I really like this picture and I plan on making it for a friend if I can figure out the color scheme

18 March 2009


So yesterday was mine and the wifes anniversary. So we went thrift store shopping, and I got a yard of fabric, a hat, a latch hook kit, and a counted cross stitch kit. I really love thrift stores. you can find just about anything you want in them for less then half price (except at some places that seem to want to charge you extra for the privilege of shopping there). I made her a pair of moccasins for our anniversary and she liked them. She gave me Muppets from Space and The Shrek Trilogy and National Treasure. The wifes birthday is Friday and we are going to Disney world I'm not sure which park yet but I do know that it will not be the Magic Kingdom. I hope that she will like the things that I made for her birthday. We took yesterday and Friday off so we can be together on them special days.
I still have to make the baby blanket for that friend, and I am going to start practicing sewing so I can make my own clothes and quilts, and anything else my heart so desires. The latch hook rug is a picture of a lab puppy the colors on the mat seem to be different then the yarn to hook on the mat. This will be my first latch rug, and my first cross stitch. So I am looking forward to making them (when I am done making the baby blanket).

15 March 2009


So I am listening to "Abarat" by Clive Barker, and finding it to be very good to listening to. That blanket is going OK, it should be done by the time the baby comes. I am trying to download the 2ND book, they give you a week to listen to it, but it takes about two weeks to download the damn thing. I got the Disney's I taught myself to knit kit. Now I need to make something with Mickey on it. That way I can show it off. So I went fishing yesterday at Withlacoochee, I just went out to sooth my mind and to relax. All I caught was a 1 1/2 inch, a 2 inch, and a 3 inch spotted sunfish. All two small to keep, and I forgot to take pictures of them because I forgot about my camera on my phone.

28 February 2009

No blanket

Well I will not be able to finish that baby blanket. Its due next weekend and I am not even a 4Th of the way done. So the wife asked if I could make some booties instead so that is what I may have to do. So how is everyone? We are fine and doing good. Angel got her paw caught in the clasp to her chain last night and the wife got it out, and then Angel got off her chain and was put in the bathroom for the night. But in the meanwhile the neighbor saw that Angel had a problem and did not come and tell my wife because of the no trespassing signs. So the wife says that we need to take off the signs, low and behold if there was an ax murderer killing her none of the neighbors would come to the rescue because of the no trespassing signs. Rat Bastard Neighbors.

This is Ginger (top) Angel (bottom).

Dennis the Menace (above) Cocaine (below)

The above two are the only cats allowed in the bedroom. So I worked the Performing Arts Center all last week due to one of my co-workers being out all week because he has shingles. So I got complemented because I have been doing an outstanding job all week.

This is Boxer, he is the weirdest cat I know. When He wants kisses on the top of his head he will butt you in the mouth with his head.

22 February 2009

Well Back to it

Well I am back at downloading books to the a flash drive and taking them home. I did get a new book to listen to from f-i-l called "Twilight" I just started listing to it and I love it. Yes I did see the movie and loved it to. I think that it is now my all-time favorite book. So far the book is a lot better then the movie. It is a love story about vampires, and it just so happens that i am downloading another love vampire book called "Dark Symphony". Yes it so happens that I am a junkie for love stories that are tear jerkers. All thought the wife says that I do not cry. But I did cry that time we thought we where going to have to put down Cocaine.

I am working on this baby blanket for a baby shower. the wife thinks that I am not going to get it done in time, she might be right. Then she will have reason to beat me around the head and shoulders. She keeps saying that I should return the yarn and never knit or crochet again.

So we went to Epcot yesterday and it started out cold and then warmed up to 70 deg. or better. I got to see Donald. "Off Kelter" was there playing at the band spot at Canada. Then there was the "British Invasion" playing in England.

25 January 2009

cold winter nights

Hello everyone, at the library and having fun the wife is at home playing on the computer. All the cats love how we arranged the room. It freaked out Dennis the Menace. He walked into the room and wanted back out. So how is everyone doing? Now we try and keep the room free of cats but then they start in on the crying and (the wife has a heart of gold) she lets them in. No rest for the nice people they cry to get in the when we are up and home. me personally i will not let them in and let them cry but when the wife is home she will let them in, we only let a few sleep with us. Well there is a magic game on the 7 of February. it's going to be fun to get out of the house and play some with some good players. I have several decks build for the game, and we are doing a draw so I will get some more cards. Wish me luck I am going to win the prize. I am going to have some fun at least. I started this baby blanket for a friend. I hope that she will like it and use it. I have so many projects to do and the wife wants me to make some that she found in a magazine. But I am supposed to make the baby blanket before sometime in February. I will have some pictures up while I am doing the blanket, at least I am not playing that game I got for Christmas. And now I can transport pictures from the phone to the computer via a USB port.

06 January 2009

New Year Week

This is what I did over the New Year week. Fixed the floor and painted the wall and trim. Well I went back to work yesterday and put up 6 projectors. Had to be there at 8 ands today it is 230. to work around the school. Randy is still out and we are not sure when he will be back. I feel for him having two hernia operations and them not getting them right. The New Year is going good for us, having a room that we can walk though without falling though the floor. Well I have to get off now to go do some of the dishes. Hope everyones New Year is going good. ttfn ta ta for now as tigger would say.

03 January 2009

Welcome to the New Year

this is him

This is one of my favorite cat. I like this picture because it is just eyes.It is a he and we call him Miss Dinah.and every now and again we call him a him.