10 September 2008

Magic Night

Well this time magic night is on the 20th this month hopefully it is not cancelled. The wife is going to this scrapbook thing and then thinking of bingo. Which if I go to magic then its a win win situation. I am push mowing my yard and hate that I broke the mower belt to the blades. The grass is knee high again and the push mower has a bag, which I do not have. The grass is so high that I have to tie open the part that falls down and covers the hole. Once the grass gets to a manageable state I can put the flap back down and it will be a mulching mower. The wife made a good point the other day when she asked me if there was a TV that will work after 17th February 2009. All I could find at a reasonable rate was the Coby &" Color Battery powered flatscreen LCD TV with AC & DC adapter for 114.95. I need one due to the fact that hurricane season is supposed to be in the abundant hurricanes cycle for the next 17 years.