05 April 2008

Hello out there

Well i am at the library once again and wanting to look at patterns. I am giving up on the books, downloaded from the Internet until I have exhausted all the books on CD that I want to listen to. Well how is everyone doing out there. Me and mine are fine, I am on spring break now. No work for me for a whole week. the wife has like all kind of things for me to do on my days off and I am going to have to do the rain dance to keep from doing any work outside. All I really want to do is finish all the projects that I have up the tree.
So far I have three booties for dad to sell and one on the needles. I have the back to a sweater, a blanket, a shawl, and making a towel. I like how the towel is turning out but alas I spilled coffee on it last night so will have to use it when finished with it. I think every time i try a different stitch pattern I am going to make a towel. So that way I get to see how it would look before I make the project.
The diet is going OK, I have lost 6.8 pounds so far, down from 231.6. Everyone says that is a good thing losing weight like that, slowly so your skin has a time to go back into shape. I wish there was a swimming pool around me close that way I could exercise to help me lose weight, I would probably lose even faster. I do not know if that would be a good thing.
The wife is getting all of her pictures done from Disney and putting them in the living room. She is putting up some old puzzles too and some new ones as well.