28 February 2009

No blanket

Well I will not be able to finish that baby blanket. Its due next weekend and I am not even a 4Th of the way done. So the wife asked if I could make some booties instead so that is what I may have to do. So how is everyone? We are fine and doing good. Angel got her paw caught in the clasp to her chain last night and the wife got it out, and then Angel got off her chain and was put in the bathroom for the night. But in the meanwhile the neighbor saw that Angel had a problem and did not come and tell my wife because of the no trespassing signs. So the wife says that we need to take off the signs, low and behold if there was an ax murderer killing her none of the neighbors would come to the rescue because of the no trespassing signs. Rat Bastard Neighbors.

This is Ginger (top) Angel (bottom).

Dennis the Menace (above) Cocaine (below)

The above two are the only cats allowed in the bedroom. So I worked the Performing Arts Center all last week due to one of my co-workers being out all week because he has shingles. So I got complemented because I have been doing an outstanding job all week.

This is Boxer, he is the weirdest cat I know. When He wants kisses on the top of his head he will butt you in the mouth with his head.

22 February 2009

Well Back to it

Well I am back at downloading books to the a flash drive and taking them home. I did get a new book to listen to from f-i-l called "Twilight" I just started listing to it and I love it. Yes I did see the movie and loved it to. I think that it is now my all-time favorite book. So far the book is a lot better then the movie. It is a love story about vampires, and it just so happens that i am downloading another love vampire book called "Dark Symphony". Yes it so happens that I am a junkie for love stories that are tear jerkers. All thought the wife says that I do not cry. But I did cry that time we thought we where going to have to put down Cocaine.

I am working on this baby blanket for a baby shower. the wife thinks that I am not going to get it done in time, she might be right. Then she will have reason to beat me around the head and shoulders. She keeps saying that I should return the yarn and never knit or crochet again.

So we went to Epcot yesterday and it started out cold and then warmed up to 70 deg. or better. I got to see Donald. "Off Kelter" was there playing at the band spot at Canada. Then there was the "British Invasion" playing in England.