12 April 2008

spring break

Well spring break is over and I did real bad on the diet this week. and I have to eat dinner with f-i-l tomorrow. I worked out in the yard both Wednesday and Thursday and last night my sister came over to visit. She got back from Puerto Rico on Monday and she had all kind of pictures for us to see. I have yet to put in my garden and grow anything. I would like to grow some lettuce for my pet rabbit. but I am afraid the goats would get into the garden and eat it all before it started to grow. every time I look outside they are either stuck in the fence or in the yard.
I would like to eat one of them goats but the wife looks at me funny every time I mention eating anything that does not come from a store. I have to make a run for my dogs before I can make a fence for my garden. I just started to download a book to my flash drive. I need to look up some patterns for knitting and crochet.

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