14 September 2008


Well I really need to go back on a diet I just weighted myself and I think I just broke the scale.

Because it said that I weighted 214, but I know that I weight more then that. You can see it on my belly. Well Grandma Willa did not get anything from that storm Ike. But it looks like my mom will get some from it. The cold front that is moving though the plains has hooked up with Ike, and is making it miserable for the Ohio river valley. Went to the movies with the wife last night and saw "Forever Knight" that was a very good movie. Then we went to the Mongolain Grill. I had cute and cudly sheep for dinner. Ran into the bookstore and looked around, but did not find any books of interest. Well I am almost finished with my dad's (Chuck) socks (i found the pattern online @ http://www.redcross.org/museum/exhibits/knits.asp ) My baby sister's blanket is almost done, that one is just side to side single crochet. I have so many projects going on I am not sure which one too do.

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