22 February 2009

Well Back to it

Well I am back at downloading books to the a flash drive and taking them home. I did get a new book to listen to from f-i-l called "Twilight" I just started listing to it and I love it. Yes I did see the movie and loved it to. I think that it is now my all-time favorite book. So far the book is a lot better then the movie. It is a love story about vampires, and it just so happens that i am downloading another love vampire book called "Dark Symphony". Yes it so happens that I am a junkie for love stories that are tear jerkers. All thought the wife says that I do not cry. But I did cry that time we thought we where going to have to put down Cocaine.

I am working on this baby blanket for a baby shower. the wife thinks that I am not going to get it done in time, she might be right. Then she will have reason to beat me around the head and shoulders. She keeps saying that I should return the yarn and never knit or crochet again.

So we went to Epcot yesterday and it started out cold and then warmed up to 70 deg. or better. I got to see Donald. "Off Kelter" was there playing at the band spot at Canada. Then there was the "British Invasion" playing in England.

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