07 April 2009


Today is my Birthday. So me and the wife went out thrift store shopping. And I got cross stitch fabric, 3 books on cassette ("Hollowpoint" by Rob Reuland, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and the Goblet of Fire" both written by J.K. Rowling), an old fly rod needs new backing and leader and line, a new pill container, and a lion king thermos made by Aladdin. Remember the wife gave me my presents early and it was the last 3 books of the Twilight saga. Sunday I went to m-i-l house for a very good dinner and M-I-L  and M-I-LC gave me the movies Bedtime Stories, and Bolt, and a shirt that says "You Look Goofy Too". S-I-L gave me Twilight the movie. Then on Monday I went to the Veterans hospital because I am a disabled veteran and got a pair of moccasins to make for myself. And also today we went to Joann's and I got a new cross stitch pattern to make for the wife. F-I-L gave me a $50 gift card to Best Buy and I got 4 movies 12 Monkeys, Bedazzled, Just Married, and the new Psycho, I also got 2 new games 1 for the PC Rome Total War, and 1 for the Nintendo ds Age of Empires Mythologies and I still have a little under $8 left. So how was everyone and thier day it was so windy today that I thought that I was in Minot again. the one time I looked at a thermometer it said 70 and the wind brought it down.

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Betty said...

Happy Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day!!