19 May 2015

My troubles

Well I bought a used riding lawnmower last summer for $375, the turning rod broke the second time mowing with it. The guy I bought it from sold me a new one for $5. Then the I mowed with it until January when the blades stopped rotating so I had him pick it up which cost $25 and to drop it off again another $25. He said that the belt was bad and that the bearing was also bad. So he replaced them and told me to change the oil every 6 hours. He also sharpened the blade and charged me $75 for all the work and parts. When he brought it back it did not want to move in any gear so I called him up and he said that it sounds like the problem was the transmission belt was loose. So I went under the lawnmower and tried to get the belt off, but I got hung up on some bolts. So I was wiping it off and checking for wear from underneath it when I put the belt back on it ran just fine. So I start mowing with it again and it started acting up. I looked up the belt online, got the belt number from the company and then went to the web address that he told me to go to and the belt was $15. I did not buy it from the site and called Ace Hardware, they had belts, but could not give me a price unless I new the size. So I took off everything that was in the way and finally got the belt off. Ran up to Ace Hardware and bought a new one for $8. So no more business from me for that guy. If the lawnmower breaks and I can not fix it I will take it a part and sell it for scrap. So I got home and put the new belt on, put the lawnmower back together and tried it out and everything worked. I am much happier now with the $8 then the $125 that I gave that guy for the work he did. 

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