19 May 2019

Past 2 years

So for the past two years I have not been feeling all that good, between voices and seeing things. But I have been knitting and crocheting a lot made a blanket and gave it to the vet made a nice flower garden and set up an awning. We got a new manufactured home. I have been depressed for a while now, and I have been getting angry more lately. We have had a lot of our four legged children pass away. It makes me sad and then I can not function. I have also pretty much given up cigarettes . I use e-cig most of the time. I am able to breath a lot better now. It took some time to switch and I started out at 18 mg of nicotine, and now I am down to 6 mg. I am hoping that I can quit this year. Have not been playing magic the gathering all that much lately or been fishing all that much. I sometimes fill like getting out of the house but do not going anywhere. I have also stopped drinking regular coffee and now drink decaf. been feeling a little better since then.

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