27 January 2008


Well yesterday I got some over-time. They held a wrestling tournament in the gym and the bosses asked me if I wanted to do it. When I asked the wife if there was anything going on the next two weekends she said to do it anyway. Wrestling was still going on when I left. I wish they would let us stay until the program that's going on is over. Just give us time off for whatever went over the time allotted. That way we could get things cleaned up after the games or shows, because I have yet to see a show or game end on time. So the finals of the game started after I left at 530pm. I got there at 830 am thinking that I was going to be late but I was not supposed to be there until 900 am. I only got one room auto scrubbed then burnished do to the fact that I was needed at the gym every time I turned around. So I told them to leave the garbage inside so the dogs, cats, foxes, and other animals that we do not know are eating from the garbage cans can not spread it out into the parking lot.
So after getting to bed at 1230 on Saturday morning and waking up Saturday morning at 630, I got real tired around 430. I did not go to bed until 1000 pm,because we went to the store after I got off of work. Wal-Mart was not crowded last night we got in then got out quick. When we got home I had left over dinner and some fat free double churn ice-cream. Which for fat free ice-cream it was good, almost like the real stuff.

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