01 February 2008

Fun Time

Well that blanket story is that the one who was making it had to go to a nursing home so and I do not have to return it to them. I hope that I never get old enough to be put in a home. I do not plan on having any kids so I think that there will be no one to put me there. If it comes down to putting someone in my-i-l or family i think I would take care of them first. That way I am not feeling funny about seeing them in the home or about feeling sorry for them when I do see them. I would worry about how they are being cared for, because of the ads for the lawyers that are always advertising that nursing home abuse.
I got some tea towels to put toppers on 4 from Big Lots which have Cats, green tea, olive oil, and flowers. M-i-l gave the wife 3 of Disney pictures 2 of the pixie Tinker Bell, and 1 with Minnie and Mickey. So now I have 2 blankets, pot holder, shawl, sweater, and 7 tea towels to do. I have not started to make any more footies, although I should start again here soon.

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