23 January 2008


Well it rained so hard here last night that the backyard tree has a pond around it, now all there is is just a puddle. Back in 2005 the tree always had standing water around it. The whole back yard was standing water. If you walked in the back yard your shoes would stick to the ground. Poor Ginger she had no high spot to get out of the water, but her dog house stayed dry. Angel's spot is on a high spot that way she can get out of the water, and her dog house keeps her dry. At least we have rain that we need, I wonder how Georgia and the other drought ridden southeastern states are doing on the water problem.
My plants are doing good and my bonsai trees have not come up yet I will get rid of it in February if it does not come up. Another cold front is coming through this week. I am going to bring Ginger in if it gets to cold. Angel's sweatshirt got soaked last night and I will have to put her other one on when the cold front moves though. I do not have any plants that I really have to worry about freezing so no covering them. Although the wife gets worried about the cats and leaves the front porch lights on all night for them (she believes it keeps them warm). I traded some pink grapefruit (which is what I have) for some white grapefruit. It was a good trade. I finally remembered to take the yarn that I was giving to the home-economics teacher, she said that they would scrapebook with it.

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