19 August 2008

Hurricane Update

Well here it is Tuesday I am off of work due to the hurricane and thanking god that it is not going to hit us. The wife got some batteries for me. We have water and food, but it is not can or dry food. I found some 72 hour food packs that I would not mind getting, for just in case of problems with whatever. The wife keeps smoking so I keep smoking. This time the reason was because of the hurricane. I found all kind of things that I would like to get for camping and emergency. but it costs money to get and we are broke. The wife has been using coupons for just about everything. And I have yet to see any of them on sale or have a coupon for them. I would love to get a propane gas stick that hooks up to a big tank and you can then hook up a gas grill and a light with other things. I need some cast iron pots and pans to cook on the grill. The hurricane is now southeast of us and the cone of probably has my county in it and I really do not think that it will hit us.

Well I just looked at http://media.myfoxtampabay.com/myfoxhurricane/ for the latest update and there is another wave out there in the Atlantic. The spaghetti model is headed to the Caribbean sea. I hope that this one fizzles out in the Atlantic. I do not want to see another horrible natural disaster.

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