25 July 2009

Anybody out there

Well it is toward the end of the month and nothing exciting has happened. I went to Friday magic night won 4 games. But the 2 decks that I ran won against were mill decks. And I had a burn deck. I really need to get some more of the new cards to play with. Its either that or play with the collection cards. It was nice to find out that they had reprinted some old cards that I could play with. I need to redo my decks to make them run faster. I talked to the owner and he said next Friday is another constructed format and after that it will be a draft again. So I did not get anything good out and I was having trouble getting my mana out to do anything with. So how is everyone out there in the world. Me and the family are fine, nothing to really write about.

I sent my computer to a friend to see if he could fix the darn thing I am going to owe him big time. He said that it might not be the motherboard. We would like to get at least another year out of it. I need to fix my weed eater and I found out why the lawn tractor some times runs slow and sounds like it is about to stall. It was the arm to the carburetor that would not come back to the mow position, so it would stay on choke until I pulled it back down. I need some new fuel hoses and a spark plug for the weed eater, then it should stay running, I seem to be having all kind of problems with my lawn equipment. The second week of August me and my f-i-l will be putting down a new floor in the back bedroom. Well I need to go get gas and start mowing the grass.


Well went and got gas for the lawn tractor and was going around when half way though the back yard the lawn tractor broke its belt. First things first I would have to put the thing back on every time I stopped then it would fall off if I did not go up slowly to the mower blades on position. I think that I am cursed with problem lawn equipment. So picked up the front yard and will have to use a push lawn mower. But for now I will have to wait to get my belt to fix the lawn tractor. It is way to hot to work in the 1.4 acre lot that I have so me and the wife will go shopping.


Well we went to one thrift store out in Zepherhills, I got some yarn and a book on sewing. then went to eat at Beef O' Bradies. Then we went into the game stop and got me a new game. Civ IV, I had it a while back but the wife got mad at me and broke the disc. Then I got Civ IV Colonization and had a blast with it until my computer broke down. And now I got 4 games in one.

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