28 July 2009

Today on Ricky TV

Well today I called in sick to work I started feeling under the weather yesterday while at work and still feeling sick. When my wife got up she told me I will be doing the dishes and the laundry. It wasn't so much as a request but an order(Ha Ha). So I finally got the dishes done but the laundry is still going in the dryer and I have one load in the washer ready to be dried. So how is everyone doing, me I am a little under the weather as I mentioned. Hopefully I am able to go to work tomorrow. So I talked to my grandma today and she has a bad arm from a fall about a month ago. She had broken it and it is still bothering her. I have my M10 cards all laid out and in the binder. I even went as far as highlighting the ones I have, still need a lot of cards for M10. The wife got me this video camera that takes still photos. All I need is the card that goes into it to hold the video. She also got me two new mp3 players, because mine is broke. It will not work anymore, what do you expect from the money hungry thief's that we call companies. It seems that nothing works for very long anymore it breaks after a couple of years. Well the wife is home and Its time to give up the computer to her. Since I have been on it all day.

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