18 October 2009


Well my truck is broken again. M-I-LC and I are doing a bad job fixing it. Need new parts and all the parts stores are either closed or have stupid people working for them. Well here it is Tuesday and I got my truck back from my mechanic. It all started about a week ago when the radiator blew out and I got a major leak. That was when I took it to my M-I-L and her companion (my mechanic) and I started to repair it and decided to get a new radiator for the truck. Well he got the new radiator and decided to put it in and striped the threads to the upper transmission fluid line. We found out that the part for the upper transmission line was longer then the piece on the radiator. So he got that repaired and then fixed it and drove to my work so I could have it for the drive home. So now I know just enough to be dangerous.

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