24 October 2009

Welcome to the Weekend

Well here it is the weekend and I have to work on the truck and house and make the grass shorter. I found out that my m-i-l is worried about me dying in a fiery crash. My brakes on the truck are bad and I need to change my spark plugs and wires. The wife on the other hand is not worried in the least I think that if the break lines are cut and I was to die in a fiery crash she would be 1,000,000.00 richer, but I think that you need to sign the paperwork and that the would be a heath test and I smoke cigars like a fiend (at least 2 a day {although last Friday I had a cigar and then it went though the weekend and by Monday night I was dying and could not get one until Tuesday when I got my truck back}so there went one on Tuesday skipped out on Wednesday and Thursday I finally got some money in my pocket for my cigars.)
So How is everybody? Me and the wife are doing Fine as can be expected with a money pit for a truck and house. I just sent a note to my father in germany and hope that he is fine and dandy like a mouth full of cotton candy. Talked with mom today and she said nothing is going on in her neck of the woods.

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