15 July 2011


Well I mowed 1/3 of the backyard yesterday and feel good about it. I find that if I do something productive that I do not feel down upon myself, and I have good thoughts and actions. I hope that it does not rain this morning although I have been up since 0415 and I am wanting to go back to bed. I know that I have to stay up to get out early to mow down the backyard. It takes so long because I have to mow a few feet then back up then go forward again for a few more feet. I have to get the grass mowed down to get m-i-l and m-i-lc out to help cut down the dead trees that are in the backyard. When we get them cut down I will have a lot of firewood to burn for awhile. It will be good to have the backyard burn pile mowed down to where I can burn the tree limbs that I have already there.

I did not do a garden this year. My plot is over run by weeds and needs to be redone. I want to grow carrots and lettuce next winter, so I can feed the rabbit fresh food. I stopped making that blanket and socks so I can start on Christmas and birthday presents. The wife found this pattern for something for m-i-l that was supposed to be on the Michael's website, but she found it on the yarns website. When I started it I did not think that it was looking like the patterns picture, so I tried some other way. It still did not look right, so I started to do it like the pattern said to do it and this time I got about 14 rows and it is starting to look like the picture in the pattern. I have been looking up patterns on the Internet for awhile when the wife said to get started on Christmas and birthday presents.

I have found a lot of patterns and been putting them on my flash drive so I can have them all the time and will not have to look them up again. I find that I like the adobe reader to download the pattern that way it looks professional, and I do not have to be on the Internet to see the picture of the project. I have to figure out what I am making for my parents and m-i-lc and s-i-l. I already have a gift for my sister. I still have to send the father's day gift out to dad, so I can find out if those socks fit. That way I can make him more for Christmas and I need to make him some more hats. I don't think he loses his hats. That way he can get enough to wear for each day of the winter, but he says that he lost them in the last 2 moves that they have had. I like to knit hats that way I can try different patterns and put different looks to them. I would like to do a fair isle hat that would fit me.

Then I would know that it would fit him. I need to knit up one that has a two sides to it. I might put a picture in it to make it his. The last one that I tried to do like that I screwed up the way that the words would look. Mom likes booties so i have to make her a few of them and I found this pattern that I like so I might make that for her too. I got a couple of strips done and then it started to rain.

Started the mowing with the sun full on in the spot that I wanted to mow down to have a strip that I can turn the mower around in. When I got too hot to do it anymore for a while. That is when I came in and took a nap on the couch, did not want to but did. Then when I woke up the rain was getting ready to fall, so I put up the lawnmower. When I got it put in the shed the rain came down.

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