17 July 2011

New Part

Well we ordered that part I need for the riding mower. That way I can get the yard mowed down to a manageable length. The grass is so high in places that it needs to be mowed twice. I will have to push mow the part that has tree limbs on the ground. I need to pick up the limbs but can't find them in the tall grass. I am working on this project for m-i-l that I will post pictures of it after I give it to her. It's really a neat project to do with different stitches that I have never done.

Had to run to a bunch of stores, it was nice to get out of the house. Although I have to worry about the dog being alone all couped up in her room for the couple of hours that we were away. She has been very good about not using the bathroom in the house so that's good. I hope she keeps it that way. I have to finish that room and I do not want a mess on the unfinished floor. I like to think that she knows better then use the bathroom in the house, but every time I take her out she does not use the bathroom. So that has me worried.

We went to Walgreen's where we rented "Rango" and got some razors for me. I guess that the wife wants me to start shaving again. Then we went to CVS and cot some shampoo. Then it was off to BJ to do some grocery shopping. I watched "Rango" and thought that it was a good movie.

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